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Realistically, you need at least one more original “flasher” board for testing and experimentation. Rather than issuing a reset to enter the bootloader dwtasheet, you toggle VCC.

I guarantee you the journey will be long. Upon wake up, the processor waits for a certain time for a serial character to appear on a predefined com port.

STCCAD Micro-controller wth arduino UNO r3

The other difference is that isolation diodes are required in the rx and tx lines of the serial adapter to prevent parasitic powering of the processor which would prevent the power cycle required to enter the bootloader.


They have had two websites in the past, sometimes it can be a challenge to find what you’re looking for. STC provides demo code for using the timers, serial, PWM and ADC subsections, it’s up to you to make what you need which means you will be writing almost everything you need, from scratch.

Downloading a program is similar to the Arduino process with several exceptions. Outside of the domestic Chinese market there satasheet zero, zip, nada support.

I have found adapter boards with cable jacks to be easier to deal with so I can use standard cables rather than the extension cable that would be required for the plug on the front of the cp board.

STC 12C5A16AD programming with arduino

You can compile C based programs for the device with SDCC public domain and download with a serial device, these days that means a USB to serial converter plus a switch and some diodes which is well documented in the STC literature.

If it does, the bootloader dwtasheet is invoked, otherwise it jumps to the user program. Here’s an “english” datasheet for a similar chip: Find one with the same series part you have 12C and start there.


This requirement is well documented in the datasheets as previously mentioned. You’ll need a logic analyzer to figure out what display driver you have. If you’re someone who gives up easily, don’t start. Datashwet worked extensively with the STC chips and while they are decent, reliable and cheap, there is zero library support datashet to Arduino.

If you don’t know thestart here: If you’re fluent in Mandarin Chinese, there is considerably more support and code sharing since the product is sponsored by the Chinese government. Another starting resource is Github.

STC12C2052AD Datasheet PDF

Is it possible to use arduino to program this chip? Hi got a flasher, I removed the case to see what’s inside. There are tons of STC “development boards” on Aliexpress.