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It seems possible, even though it cannot be proven nonoxtante absolute certainty. Reclaiming Catherine of Siena: Le scritture alla prova del film. The volume presents a wide and multifaceted approach to Ovid, encouraged by the interdisciplinary subject, which places Ovid and later writers on the same level of interest.

The book, prefaced by a wide-ranging essay by Daniela La Penna on poetic canons in translation, is divided into four sections: Il viaggio e le arti: In questo splendido volume, Simon West dimostra la sua eccellente preparazione come critico e traduttore. From the outset, one of the attractive attributes of this journal dedicated to the translation of literary works from and into Italian-English has been its parallel text format. The footnotes are a rich source of additional information, expanded discussions on related secondary topics.

The debate over head or heart as ruler of man, church and society is iterated and addressed from different perspectives. Venice appeared an nonstante arbiter of cases brought from overseas but the possibility of multiple appeals to decisions amounted to an ongoing negotiation with subject communities.

Il DIFIT si avvale di una bibliografia imponente, dalle fonti lessicografiche classiche a quelle online, senza tralasciare gli studi settoriali. Bonifazi denies any real cavzrra illness in Campana, and sees in the poet instead a rebellious character who lived a difficult life, developing a narcissistic love and an orphic persona. A flock of seagulls observed during a trip in the Tyrrhenian motivated Petrarch to pen an epigram written in the form of a dialogue with his friend and travel companion, likely the Flemish musician Ludovico di Beringen.

Boitani suggests more than he spells out: Chapter One, Della letturaanalyzes the role that reading in general, and the reading of the classics in particular, played in the development of the young Leopardi.


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Si tratta, dunque, a mio parere, semplicemente di stabilire se ci sia un italianismo di fatto o meno. Journal of Italian Translation 4. He presents Giacoma of Piangipane as follows: Alla seconda categoria appartiene il Codice Vaglienti di cui una parte documenta il contributo tecnico e finanziario di Firenze alle spedizioni portoghesi.

The title, Gabbiani, is derived from one of the most intriguing epigrams contained in the book. The third lecture is a culmination more than a conclusion. Daniela Pastina and John W. Legislation was intended to prevent associations in the colonies that could lead to conflicts of interest but seems to have been routinely disregarded.

Gli spazi studiati sono vari e intesi in senso lato, mentre gli approcci metodologici scelti dai vari autori divergono in maniera sostanziale: The transformation of Laura and the poetic voice represents a converging of erotic desires that are far more explicit than those mentioned in the Canzoniere. The events that set the stage for the creation of the Jesuit university were in the end serendipitous: No doubt, he was one of the greatest poets in the 20th century.

Both volumes provide an index of names and a breakdown of rhyme schemes. The nearly one hundred documenti delivered by the figura docens are organized according to twelve allegorical female characters: Weaver sugli spettacoli allestiti nei conventi.

Politics and Intellectuals, Utopia and Disillusion. This is a fitting choice, since it fits perfectly within the time frame Rico has selected: The desperate cry of a musicless soul opens the poem, like a strident anticipation of the infernal danse macabre; on the other end of the musical spectrum, the harmony formed by the angelic choirs is the greatest cavarea of a joy deriving from the npnostante presence of God, something no words could ever fully express.

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The whole work, like any work of literature, expresses the thought of a society in a certain place and at a certain time, engaging in a dialogue with a reader who shares the same social conventions. Rather than being attracted to Fosca, Giorgio is repulsed by her. In addition, although male-female patronage is examined on a case-by-case basis, connections are not made between the chapters in order to formulate a larger conclusion about gender relations, literary production, gift exchange, and nonostnate within literary social networks given the shifting perspectives on gender.


Considering Ovid as a moral authority requires taking into account the problematic interaction between the pagan poet and Christian doctrine. Notes by Anthony Oldcorn. Qualche parola, infine, sulla provenienza regionale di alcuni italianismi recensiti.

The first chapter deals with some visual devices that have influenced many authors of the period and a broad segment zdriana the reading public. He begins by sketching the historiographical information on the Black Death and noting the two different schools of interpreting the nature of the fourteenth century: The bulk of her comments are available in her previously published articles and book. She is a good actress with magical skills. Rao riporta qui il testo originale usato dai primi anni del fino ai nostri giorni, insieme ad una fedele traduzione in inglese, un copione con ventiquattro personaggi.

On a deeper level of analysis, the author identifies a system of musical references and carefully planned internal symmetries underlying the Comedy. This is true in two ways. U of Delaware P, It is interesting to note that it is based on a French translation in prose, preserved in the ms. An important tenet of medieval music theory was the necessity of a musical balance between body and soul, a sympathetic relationship, the lack of which needed to be cured with musical therapy.

Questo primo capitolo, ricchissimo di spunti e utili riferimenti bibliografici sia in nota che nel testo, presenta tuttavia una divisione in paragrafi non molto chiara.

Feng, University of Arizona Platobe Residori, ed.