Soorita akadeemiline test ja kindlusta koht Tartu ülikoolis juba märtsis! Registreeri ennast akadeemilisele testile 1.– märtsini. 23 aug. See test on kinni koos Survey of Natural Sciences ja kvantitatiivsed mõtlemise test sõnastada oma Akadeemiline Keskmine punktisumma. The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is the English test Testing globally over days of the year, in over test centers around the world.

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This test comes down to your ability to pull information from an article in a timely manner which can be accomplished through effective test taking strategies and proper time management. You will spend more time reading the passage with this method than with any of the othersbecause you will end up having to go back to the passage for each question and re-read the material in order to answer each question.

You will end up reading the same material multiple times and use up more of your allotted time. Proovi seda ise ja vaata, kas see aitab teil parandada oma hinded selle katse.

We will continue with the pasteurization example but use the roadmapping technique nowhere is an example:. Seal on 9 paragraphs in this passage so we make a column from down the left hand side of our note paper.

Louis Pasteurchemistmicrobiologist. Nicolas Appertsoupsvegetablesjuicesjams.

Admissions Testing | Tallinna Ülikool

BacteriaSalmonellaListeriaStaph. Diseasestuberculosisbrucellosisdiphtheriascarlet fever. High-temperatureshort-time ; flash.

If you have a question on the diseases that pasteurization can prevent then you look at your roadmap and know that paragraph 6 talks about the diseases. If you have a question about flash pasteurization then you look at your roadmap and tes that paragraph 8 talks about flash pasteurization.


This strategy may not be as fast as the skim for keywords techniquebut it should decrease the amount of time that you spend reading as your roadmap will help you identify where the information that you need to find is at in the passage. It is a more organized and structured strategy which any OCD people like me will appreciate. It will make you more effective at quickly pulling out the answers from the passages and managing your time more wisely. An effective strategy can make all the difference and help you score 20 akaddeemiline higher on the Reading Comprehension Test.

It all comes down to what strategy works for you.

The English Language Test

Try out a few of themor find another one not listed above and see what gives you the best results. Sa pead 60 minutes to complete the Reading Comprehension Test. Seal on 3 passages and 50 questions in total. You will have 72 seconds per akadeemiine on this testbut remember that if you are reading the passages in their akadfemiline or road mapping them then this will take away from your time available to you to answer questions.

The English Test for Study Abroad and Immigration

If you are going to read the passage in its entirety or roadmap it then you should plan on spending no more than 3 minutes per passage. This will decrease your allotted time for answering questions akadeeimline, but you will still have around 60 seconds to answer each question which should be sufficient.


There are several different review materials that you could use to prepare for the Reading Comprehension Test. They are all very similar to the actual DAT and are all considered good materials to use. Kaplan will provide you with a lot of practice and experience for the Reading Comprehension Test. Princeton Review will provide you with tsst full-length practice tests where you will also have ample practice questions and tests.

You should get enough practice with this review course as well for this test. They will give you up to 10 practice tests for this test depending upon which edition you purchase.

There are more sources out there so find one that will give you what you need in order to have enough experience and practice to be ready to crush the Reading Comprehension Test. If you need help finding a review course then feel free to yest me! Overview of The Dental Admission Test.