How To Make a Wi-Fi Antenna Out Of a Pringles Can . DIY super awesome outdoor wifi antenna Antena Wifi, Diy Electronics, Electronics Projects, Satellite. Build a WiFi Antenna out of a Pringles can Antena Wifi, Pringles Can, Wifi This is my nerd School project (turning a Pringles can into a long range wifi antenna. b Homebrew WiFi Antenna Shootout. I’ve been networks with ( WiFi). One of the first things that got me excited was the Pringles Can Antenna.

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Getting Started With Blynk: The 13 Best Raspberry Pi Projects of It is also worth noting that this measurement is to be taken from the base of the can, not the ridge around the bottom. Cantennas are typically used for extending a wireless local area network WLAN. The contestants were click on each for design specifications. While there are many variations on this type of build, today we are striving for a balance of price and simplicity.

Clocking it at an inside diameter of 72mm, a the Pringles can is too thin. In the yagis, it didn’t matter much. If you can eat a big can of stew, you can make a high performance antenna.

Pringles Can Antenna Turns 10 | Make:

Gergory Rehm of Turnpoint. The Shootout My plan was to get relative performance measurements for various designs including mine of homebrew antennas for While there are many approaches to improving Wi-Fi range, these builds are a quick and simple way to improve it without breaking the bank. Waveguide antennas don’t use the director assembly the washery bitsand therefore are much simpler peingles build.

  DIN 4099-1 PDF

Cantennas may be used with other RF devices such as wireless security cameras. The inner lining of a Pringles can looks metallic, but my tests show it not to be. This article is about a microwave antenna. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Where possible, a clear line of sight is best, though I found there to be a significant signal boost even pointing it through the thick walls of the old apartment building I live in.

Archived from the original on The important part to pay attention to once you have the calculations for your diameter is the inside length. Attach the other end of the pigtail to the protruding N type connector. Let us know in the comment section abtena Neither of these methods are ideal, and I would recommend using a stepping drill bit to make this part easier.

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Although some designs are based on a Pringles potato chips can, this tube is too narrow to increase the 2. Scroll down for the next article. Getting Started With Arduino: For the battle, see Battle of Cantenna.

The closer you get to the dimensions from the calculator, the better your cantenna will function. For information about reproducing this article in any format, contact the author: Firstly, you can try to add one yourself. By pointing a transmitting cantenna from your router to a receiving cantenna at your computer, you will be able to boost your range significantly.


They can also be very useful wifu people who rely on public internet access. Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

In many situations this will be the difference between intermittent, close to unusable internet and a stable usable connection. Copyright Gregory Rehm – All rights reserved.

Rob used a large, 39oz. The resulting setup is a low-cost high-quality high-gain antenna. The tiny design makes them ideal for mobile applications lringles as wardriving.

The general consensus is that a can with an inside diameter of between 76mm and mm work best, with 92mm being the sweet spot. I mean they stomped them into the ground on signal strength – as priingles as 9 dB better.

Once you have your precise measurement it is time to cut the hole. The food can came up to almost perfect dimensions, though the edges are ridged, which will impact its performance.

Once that is done, remove the aerial that comes with the adapter by unscrewing it, and attach antrna smaller end of your pigtail connector instead. It seems that the design formulas for the waveguide design made a sizeable difference in performance.