Posts about table 54A written by ronmooring. Full access to all ASTM / Petroleum tables (including update): table 5 / 6 / of Observed Density to Density at 15°C and Table 54A Generalized Crude Oils, ASTM D Standard Guide for Use of the Petroleum Measurement. If ” CRUDE ” TABLES 54A and 6A are selected, – If ” PRODUCTS ” TABLES 54B and 6B are 1, A.S.T.M. TABLES. 2. 3, GRADE, Unleaded Gasoline, QUALITY.

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It is really amusing to note that some of these people, I’ve had to prepare for vettings etc. In the mean time, for those axtm are interested in Cargo Surveyor for Android: In the generated report both MTons and LTons are calculated and shown. If this option is ticked, then ullages will be printed based on the ullage unit that has been used for the first tank: We are now taken directly to the tank editor standard layoutwith the new ullage report already created and opened and tank 1P selected: Learn the difficult concepts of sailing described in a easy and story-telling way.

Just like with ullage reports, if you have selected to use the ASTM tables, then the VCF will be calculated and printed in 5 decimals as can be seen in the reports. Calorific values by either ISO For more details on the reports in general importing, exporting etcplease refer to the instruction manual, which can be downloaded from this website: Oilcalcs for iPhone iOS 10 version 1. Sailed date and time: As mentioned in the previous tutorials, within the list of available reports there is ast, shortcut to the settings page, to be able to quickly change settings such as whether to use SI Metric or Imperial.

  EN 9934-3 PDF

This blender also calculates the shrinkage as a result of the blending.

Straight to the point:

The full report consists astmm 4 parts: Like 0 Dislikes 0. If you accessed this from the very first screen, a message comes up first, asking you to confirm whether to use standard or extended layout for ullage reports.

This program allows to use built-in shore tank calibration tables. The following controls are available in the Bunker report editor: Let us now enter an example referring to the screen shot below: Individual and Special Applications Table 24C. All you have to do is enter the total quantity, enter the viscosities of the two components, and enter the target viscosity, and then the app will calculate the required quantity for each component.

Well, we have come to the end of tutorial no. Questions on same topics Popular questions and their answers. The Wedge Formula is to be used only when the oil liquid does not touch all bulkheads of the vessel’s cargo tank, that is to say the liquid oil lying in small pools among the bottom sediment. For advanced users it would also be possible to copy the exported csv file to another file provided that you use the correct naming conventions etc and generate a completely new ullage report from a desktop computer, which could then be imported to the phone by simply copying the csv file to the phone.

After all, feedback is the only way for us at MMC to improve both our blog and the apps that we produce…: Now it comes to one mind, as to how to calculate Density 15 Deg C. As you can see we have entered here quantities both for Bill of Lading and for quantity supplied by the terminal.

You don’t need to attend meetings, just vote electronicly. The resulting density or API is calculated accordingly. In the next tutorial we will discuss the transfer executive summary. Both the pdf or jpg file and the csv file are stored on the internal storage of your phone.


Share your knowledge by writing answers to the question. The new density 45a based on the mix by volume ratio of density of the first parcel More on that in a later tutorial. After entering your constituents and corresponding mole fractions and liquid temperature, the liquid density at temperature is shown.

There are times however that the bottom lines L1, L2 and L3 are used to either add or deduct volume of cargo for a selected grade, and this depends indeed on whether bottom lines on the vessel are included in tank calibration tables or not, and what the grade of each bottom line is.

Once you start editing the report you can change the names into an appropriate designation. Fuel blending density after 2nd parcel. This file can be opened by Microsoft Excel, and can be used to import the data from the ullage report into an excel spreadsheet.

ASTM 54 pdf – ASTM (testing materials) Code Issues – Eng-Tips

There is no field for a disclaimer; the disclaimer info is taken from the report settings. Departure date here is not to be confused with sailing date, which is the date the vessel sailed from the last port, whereas arrival and departure date only concern themselves with the start and finish of either the cargo operation or a bunkering operation.

Time sheet entry list. What is the purpose of the csv comma separated value file? Here is all you need to know Hope it will help.