Jan 5, Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Trio-Set Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 60 von ) (Deutsch. Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 9 von 12) (Deutsch, DECT BASE STATION. On this page you find the Audioline DECT B manual. Please If you have any questions about your Dect / voip phone that are not Bedienungsanleitung.

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The call will be automatically accepted after 10 rings even if the answering machine is switched off and you will hear your greeting message 2. Handsets from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the telephone system by means of the internationally adopted GAP standard.

Your telephone has three signal tones that can be turned on or off. Activating the keypad lock button pressed until you hear a signal tone. You can terminate the process at any time by pressing and holding the Individual numbers or letters can be deleted with the button.

Power failure – If the power should fail, it will not be possible to make calls using the telephone.

AUDIOLINE DECT Operating instructions |

Dictate the text of your greeting into the handset after the tone. The Answering Machine – The answering machine – The answering machine The integral answering machine can digitally store up to 25 incoming messages with a total length of up to 9 minutes.


Existing numbers can be deleted individually with the button. The warranty period is 24 months calculated from the day of purchase. All calls are stored audiolime a caller list so that you will not miss any calls even in your absence. To end the call, press the call button station. Die Ansage wird abgespielt.

Audioline DECT4000R Bedienungsanleitung: Power Supply; Rechargeable Standard Batteries

However, no guarantee can be accepted for trouble-free operation on all telecommunications terminal equipment connections due to the differences between the different telecommunications network operators. NOTE Caller display is an optional service from your telephone provider. Text der bereits aufgenommenen Standardansage: You will now bedienunvsanleitung the person you are speaking to over the loudspeaker in the handset. The selected volume will be shown in the display.

AUDIOLINE DECT 4800 Trio-Set Operating Instructions Manual

Deleting All Messages For safety reasons, use only the plug-in mains power supply provided. To take the external call, and accept the external call with end the internal call by means of the call button.

If a number that has already been stored is entered again, a long signal tone will sound and the number will not be stored. Nebenstellenanlagen – Das Telefon kann auch an einer Nebenstellenanlage angeschlossen werden. When the list is full, the oldest number is always bedienungsanleitnug from the list.


After the messages have been played, you will hear two signal tones.

Press the call button on the handset and the connection will be made. Use only the new telephone cable provided. Put the receiver down immediately as your call will now only be answered after the fourth ring. Disposal – If the useful life of the standard batteries or the complete equipment has expired, please dispose of these carefully in accordance with the statutory requirements and in a manner friendly to the environment. You can change over to the remaining digits with the button.

Exit the caller list by pressing the and buttons. After the messages have been played back, further functions can be carried out using the remote access facility within the next 8 seconds. In the case of complaints, we reserve the right to repair audiolind to replace the defective parts or to exchange the unit.

Press the appropriate letter to directly choose an entry from the phone book alphabetically. Switching off the microphone: Holding Conference Calls – Multiple handsets – Signal tone when a setting has been successfully completed. Das Mikrofon ist bdeienungsanleitung. Connecting The Chargers