Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions. Aveyond 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games. Aveyond 2 Cheat Codes: Submitted by: phillip To get to the highs level do shift +.

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Take your ship around to the west of Storybook Island, and go into the forest there. She is on the lookout for salamander egg. You may be able to locate it later in the game and return it to him. Bogwood You will get a number of quests from this village. She gives you another to take back to Uthar. Register a new account. Related Stories Starting Out with Hearthstone. This is also a way to accumulate more money for better equipment and items. Three generations after Rhen and her party defeated the dark lord Ahriman, and she began ruling in Thais, we focus our attention on Ean, a young elf who lives near the Oldwoods familiar to Aveyond I fans.

Now, as the beast chases you, wait for him to get onto the bridge just above the trap, and flip the switch. Your house is in the northwest of the village, and Iya’s house is in the southeast. With White Pass covered, that leaves only one place on the mainland that you haven’t been able to fully access — the Underworld Entrance. Return to The Mainland. At some point, even if it takes a few attempts, you find yourself with a beast in a trap.

All the witches are in love with him, and he tires of their attention and asks to join you on your quest.

Go back into the city, this time following the western footpath.

Aveyond 2 – Ean’s Quest Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Woodlands & Ryva

ITEMS allows you to use something from your inventory — a scroll or other item to cast a spell, a food item to restore health or mana, or a number of other items with different purposes. Ean, also playing a part in the prophecy, is given the duty of uniting the kingdoms against the Snow Queen, and in support of his friend. If you choose to make a donation, you will need 10 gold coins. You will receive less damage if you have everyone target the same enemy, and only move onto the next one when the current one is defeated.


If Gavin is in your party and you have followed the directions above concerning Grimm’s Farm, talk to the man who grows magic mushrooms for another scene and attraction point between Gavin and Ava. Find the donation box just inside the village entrance and make another donation.

When Iya joins you, she will have basic magic abilities and will require MP restorers as well. If you have Gavin, he is next to depart.

Fly your dragon to the Land of the Lost, and disembark in the grassy area above the city you have to land above the mountains — you cannot land in the little spot to the immediate north of the city. Inspect cliff ealkthrough near the top tree. However Fairytale Forest is an excellent place to level up and get valuable loot after defeating enemies, so walkthdough may want to hang around here a little longer, returning to Happily Ever After as needed, to gain a few levels and a respectable amount of gold.

Finally make your way to Thais Castle, west of Raquel’s house, and speak to Walkthgough Uthar he is the one busily pacing in the throne room. Return to the bottom of Mount Siren, and now take the lower entrance into the trees.

As they leave, a small mirror falls from her pocket. There are also glow moths here, but you discover you need to have something to catch them in.


The reward she gives you will be very useful if you choose to take Gavin, the warlock, into your party later otherwise you can sell it. Go back to Bogwood and talk to Dredel, the witch giving away presents. Also need leveling quick? This is the Phoenix Sphere, which will become Iya’s most powerful shield and give her her greatest spells later in the game if you have been dutifully making donations awlkthrough the statues in each town.

Climb the steps and head northwest through the inner cave. Rye’s love interest is Emma. After 10 years, the Snow Queen’s overwhelming hunger for power results in an evil plan to take over the rulership of all kingdoms and turn the world to ice.

Ean finds himself in a dark, likely drizzly clearing. The girl in front of the Magic Shop in Walkthrougg Ever After will give you her goat in exchange for the seeds. If so, you may now return to Brightwood Forest and claim the Phoenix Sphere and equip it for Iya, so she immediately starts learning her most powerful spells.

Aveyond 2 Cheat Codes: Remember any gemstones dropped can be sold.

Aveyond 2 – Ean’s Quest Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Woodlands & Ryva – video dailymotion

Make your way through the winding path back to the world map, and Casket Hill. When he runs away, go and look for him in the obvious place a thief with his bad luck would end up — Thais Jail near the castle. Try to carry a good supply of restorative items.