Avitera Se Dyes, Sustainable Dyes Product, Eco Friendly Dyes Product by Huntsman Textile Effects. AVITERA SE Dyes, Sustainable Product and Eco Friendly. AVITERA® SE is the first range of reactive dyes to be free from restricted arylamines. Crucially, this covers para-chloroaniline (PCA), a hazardous dyeing. AVITERA® SE Dyes. Mitigating the Challenges. The first para-chloro-aniline ( PCA) free* reactive dye range with unique & comprehensive value proposition.

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Upcoming Fairs Heimtextil How to Get Started. Promo Tex Expo Upcoming Compendiums Industry 4. This helps mills maintain a positive image and boost the value of their brand while increasing yield, improving productivity and aviterx processing costs. A Sustainable Solution in the Dyeing of Cotton Using standard dyeing equipment with conventional reactive systems takes an average of liters of water and in some cases up to liters, to dye and finish 1kg of knitted cotton excluding pre-treatment and finishing.


Convey your brand message globally. We also do customization sd these reports so you can write to us at mi fibre2fashion. Their low sensitivity to variations in liquor ratio, exhaustion and fixation time and temperature ensure that reprocessing is reduced to a minimum.

AVITERA® SE: A Sustainable Step Change in the Dyeing of Cotton | ChemSec Marketplace

As a result, processing mills can dramatically increase productivity, since the dyeing and washing-off cycles are substantially shorter, while also making significant savings. PCA, current detection limit 5ppm. Management Pattern Maker Accounts. The unfixed dye is also easier to remove at lower washing-off temperatures, as it is not bound to the fabric fibers in a high-salt solution.

Huntsman AVITERA® SE | Textile Today

AC05 – Fabrics, textiles and apparel. Predominantly, the cost saving is gained through a massive reduction in the amount of water and energy required for washing-off. Legal requirements, standards and third party labels: BluesignOeko-Tex Standard. Please fill in your details to download the Table of Contents of this report for free.

avktera With 5 per cent or less unfixed dye to be removed instead of the usual 15 to 30 per cent, the washing-off process can be drastically curtailed and requires only a fraction of the water and energy needed by conventional dyes. Fabric weight loss is reduced, color yield is increased, and shades are brighter.


AVITERA® SE: A Sustainable Step Change in the Dyeing of Cotton

Sun, January 20, It carries a much lower risk of crease marks appearing on sensitive fabrics such as cotton and Lycra, and there is better protection from fibre damage in delicate and expensive fabrics such as viscose, modal, Tencel and their blends. Tue, January 8, Fri, January 11, SU05 – Manufacture of textiles, leather, fur.

Milano Moda Uomo We will shortly afitera you. Crucially, this covers para-chloroaniline PCAa hazardous dyeing by-product that poses risks to people.