BlitzkriegCommander is a set of wargame rules that allow you to re-create The rules are suitable for solo, two-player and multi-player games, at home, at the. Blitzkrieg Commander II is an exciting wargame that allows you to re-create The rules come as a page pdf with over 50 pictures that illustrate how to play . Cold War Commander (CWC) / Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC). Not a bad set of rules. To me, their main advantage is that they are simple and.

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Fast and easy to play with innovative systems.

Blitzkrieg Commander | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Brilliantly laid out and with just about everything you need, rather than lots blitzkriev supplements. I felt that by the end of the game everyone knew the rules and could have refereed a game. It was bloody brilliant!!! By the end of the game his Panzers had done everything rulebool had asked of them and more, while his Panzer Grenadiers really let him down and he was keen to shoot the commander of that unit. On the Polish side they had also reacted well, but simply lacked the fire-power to resist the force attacking them.

Les was in his full mood of excitement such as I have not seen him in many years. After the game everyone sat around for commaneer than the battle took to fight, while an excited de-brief and boasting session took place.


Wargames Illustrated | Blitzkrieg Commander 3rd Edition

That was quite a good result in a group where the blitakrieg member has been playing for 15 years and most have been playing 30 years or more.

In fact I can see that the British CS tanks will also be vital in battles. Physical casualties are fairly light. Most units break and run, or are overwhelmed.

Units tend to suffer suppression and withdraw more than they get destroyed. Record keeping is almost non existent because the hits that are recorded, are removed at the end of the move.

Die used are all six sided. Much of the simplicity looks dauntingly unrealistic at first look, yet when you examine it you find that the Maths has been done. Supplementary information helps recognize the differences in various unit types, or to give yourself poor, standard or high quality units. But it all comes together in an extremely innovative manner. They can return a lot of the fun and excitement to WW2 battles.

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Blitzkrieg Commander 3rd Edition

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