Brahmagupta was an Indian mathematician, born in AD in Bhinmal, a state of Rajhastan, India. He spent most of his life in Bhinmal which was under the rule. Brahmagupta was an Ancient Indian astronomer and mathematician who lived from AD to AD. He was born in the city of Bhinmal in Northwest India. Brahmagupta was a famous mathematician and astronomer who lived in seventh century India. His ideas were so profound that they still influence.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. He was much ahead of his contemporaries and his mathematical and astronomical calculations remained among the most accurate available for several centuries.

The sum of the squares is that [sum] multiplied by twice the [number of] step[s] increased by one [and] divided by three. The product of the first [pair], multiplied by the multiplier, with giography product of the last [pair], is the last computed.

Subtract the colors different from the first color. In Brahmasphutasiddhanta, multiplication was named Gomutrika. The accurate [values] are the square-roots from the squares of those two multiplied by ten. He also had a profound and direct influence on Islamic and Byzantine astronomy.

He continues to give formulas for the lengths and areas of geometric figures, such as the circumradius of an isosceles brahmgupta and a scalene quadrilateral, and the lengths of diagonals in a scalene cyclic quadrilateral. See the events in life of Brahmagupta in Chronological Order. As no proofs are given, it is not known how Brahmagupta’s results were derived. Little is known about the life of Bhaskara; I is appended to his name to distinguish him from a 12th-century Indian astronomer of the….

Aryabhata lived in Kusumapura near modern Patnaand Brahmagupta is said to have been from Bhillamala modern Bhinmalwhich was the capital of the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty.

Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi German. Further work exploring the longitudes of the planets, diurnal rotation, lunar and solar eclipses, risings and settings, the moon’s crescent and conjunctions of the planets, are discussed in his treatise Khandakhadyaka.


Although Brahmagupta does not explicitly state that these quadrilaterals are cyclic, it is apparent from his rules that this is the case. A Pythagorean triple can therefore braumagupta obtained from ab and c by multiplying each of them by the least common multiple of their denominators.

Brahmagupta Biography

Brahmagupta became an astronomer of the Brahmapaksha school, one of the four major schools of Indian astronomy during this period. He is believed to have died in Ujjain. The court of Caliph Al-Mansur — received an embassy from Sindh, including an astrologer called Kanaka, who brought possibly memorised astronomical texts, including those of Brahmagupta. The key to his solution was the identity, [24].

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. In this fine classification of mathematical procedures, he also listed four methods for multiplication, and five rules for reducing a rational expression to a single fraction.

Diminish by the middle [number] the square-root of the rupas multiplied by four times the square and increased by the square of the middle [number]; divide the remainder by twice the square.

Brahmagupta biography

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. The height of a mountain multiplied by a given brahmaguupta is the distance to a city; it is not erased.

He stressed the importance of these topics as a qualification for a mathematician, or calculator ganaka. The approximate area is the product of the halves of the sums of the sides and opposite sides of a triangle and a quadrilateral. Their two segments are separately the upper and lower segments [formed] at the intersection of the diagonals.

He also gave partial solutions to certain types of indeterminate equations of the second degree with two unknown variables. This information can be translated into the list of brahmgaupta,,,,,,andwith the radius being Brahmagupta distinguished twenty braumagupta operations logisticsincluding the extraction of roots and the solution of proportions, and eight measurements determinations.


For the volume of a frustum of a pyramid, he gives the “pragmatic” value as the depth times the square of the mean of the edges of the top and bottom faces, and he gives the “superficial” volume as the depth times their mean area. His work was very significant considering the fact that he had no telescope or scientific equipment to help him arrive at his conclusions.

Bhillamala, called pi-lo-mo-lo by Xuanzangwas the apparent capital of the Gurjaradesathe second largest kingdom of Western India, comprising southern Rajasthan and northern Gujarat in modern-day India. It is interesting to note also that the algebra of Brahmagupta, like that of Diophantus, was syncopated. An immediate outcome was the spread of the decimal number system used in the texts.

Keep Exploring Britannica Albert Einstein. Number theory in the East.


In addition to astronomy, his book also contained various chapters on mathematics. Walter Eugene Clark David Pingree. Each yuga is progressively shorter than the preceding one, corresponding to a decline in the moral and physical state of humanity.

Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Brahmaupta division was primarily about the application of mathematics to the physical world, rather than about the mathematics itself.

Little is known of these authors. Some of the important contributions made by Brahmagupta in astronomy are his methods for calculating the position of heavenly bodies over time ephemeridestheir rising and setting, conjunctionsand the calculation of solar and lunar brahmaguupta. He went on to solve systems of simultaneous indeterminate equations stating that the desired variable must first be isolated, and then the equation must be divided by the desired variable’s coefficient.

Views Read Edit View history. His main, but not sole, achievements in the field of mathematics were the introduction brahmwgupta zero and negative numbers.