Read “My Wonderful World Of Slapstick” by Buster Keaton with Rakuten Kobo. Over half century ago the society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Review: My Wonderful World of Slapstick by Buster Keaton, Charles Samuels. Ernest Callenbach. FILM QUART Vol. 13 No. 3, Spring, (p. 62) DOI: /. An intimate, personal story of Buster Keaton’s private and professional life.

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Pop said slowly, “Well, not wkrld bad. So he also kept re-hiring me. But my fall awoke Lex to the fact that I was in no shape to go home. Showing of 42 reviews. They really know whether you are any good or not, whether the entertainment you are selling is ubster real thing or phony. His own right arm, by the way, had swelled to twice normal size because of the years he’d been throwing his growing boy around the stage.

None of us had noticed the wall until then. I also knocked him over the footlights with the aid of my whirling basketball.

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To prove it, he had a Kickapoo squaw on one side of him, a Kickapoo brave on the other. We had hardly gathered our wits when a claim agent rushed in. The principal could not have been more gracious. He had seen the engines but didn’t know the Ehric House was their destination. With the smoke thickening and choking him more by the minute, Pop managed to throw the clothes out of the window, dashed downstairs, and joined us on the lawn.

He even wrote stuff for the Marx Brothers. Neither did I, because I never made up my mind kfaton that until the last possible moment.

My Wonderful World Of Slapstick : Buster Keaton :

I have often wondered what Pop would have done if he had learned that same year that I had taken my first drink of whiskey. That greatest of all stage magicians never told me his real secrets; how he managed to escape from o proof prison cells, from bank safes tied with strong ropes, or from strait jackets.

I don’t think he ever saw Chicago, to say nothing of New York. With his third marriage to Eleanor Norris inwho wondergul 23 years his junior, Buster’s life began to pick up. Po filme Buster Keaton: The guy is just a good soul. Not wishing to be too rough on the cats I drilled airholes in the sides of the trunk.


He gave Pop one hundred dollars in cash and handed over his trusty Win- chester rifle. We could hear the stage crew starting to assemble it back- stage. Everybody loved her for her cheerfulness and boundless generosity.

Howling with pain, his feet went up, exposing the fact that he was wearing slap shoes and baggy pants as he passed on. That summer the S. I missed the peach, but the brick fell on my head, splitting it open.

Vo filme Sherlock Jr. My father got so many black eyes fighting with bigger boy bootblacks for the best street corners that he soon was nicknamed “Dick Deadeyes.

Mom did all right with the grouch bag during the first three stops we made after that. When I woke up I once more went adventuring in the back yard. He put ads in the theatrical trade papers that said I was not a midget and added modestly, “but a revelation in eccentric juvenile talent, properly directed to pro- duce the lasting comedy effects.

I never saw nor heard of that unlucky English actor again. Both protested furiously, but my parents were firm, and Pop saw whatever hope he had of outdoing Eddie Foy’s family act die right there. At the boardinghouse they helped unload the cab and carry the luggage and table up to our lodgings on the third floor.

There were a great many things nearby to fascinate a fourteen-year-old boy, including the show windows of a candy store and a firehouse where you could see the horses in their stalls, waiting to dash out when the gong rang. We were at a point on a side of a mountain with a foot drop on one side and craggy mountains towering on the other side. Though they were charging a dollar a quart for water on the Cherokee Strip and everything else was expensive, Pop managed to survive and hold onto some of the land the generous Government had allotted him.

It was delightful to imagine I was hanging out with Buster Keaton and he was telling the stories to me. But one day I got the idea of dressing him up like myself as a stage Irishman with a fright wig, slugger s,apstick, fancy vest, and over-size pants.


I got a big lump on my head from that, but the lump went down quickly enough for me to appear at the evening performance. But our most popular fighting routine was one in eonderful I whaled away at him with a broom while he retaliated by skidding his hand oflF my forehead. When he asked for a third bit of elocution I told him, “I’ve run out of recitations. The first he knew about a blaze was when he saw the red fire engines racing past him on their way to the scene. Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle got him into the movies and taught him how to throw a custard pie.

Filled with stories about his childhood in skapstick where, billed as ‘The Human Mop, ‘ he was slammed on the floor, hurled into wings, banged on the bass drum-by his father! They saw the prop man-kidnaper jump from the spapstick, grab Jingles, jump back, and drive off.

My Wonderful World of Slapstick by Buster Keaton

Feb 10, James Lark rated it really liked it. A scarf he pointed out was always on the bureau in the rooms wherever we stayed. As the poor chap’s body was dragged out of sight another coolie banged a big Chinese gong to announce that death had come to the house. Willie Hammerstein would try anything— and did. If slapstici haven’t seen any of his films the silents especiallydo it. And here we have a memoir where he’s Still on the table I cornered him wonderfup the backdrop and coiled the rubber string around his neck.

This simple little stunt got such a laugh that we got ourselves booked on the same bill with the sketch as often as possible. It’s full of page after page of entertaining stories about wpnderful turns of events and practical jokes in the fascinating world of vaudeville and early Hollywood, plus unself-conscious but golden insights into just what Keaton though made a good comedy.