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Iguchi and Lynn are close behind but for board control, style and longevity he is unbeatable. Aggression Tarquin Robbins cm — It was a beast of a board and came with me on my first ever powder 27388 in Wengen. Boss, The Snowboard Shop thesnowboardshop. I like the feel of a freestyle orientated board but with a bit of rocker to help in the powder.

Whet your appetite? Come and see for yourself.

One of the very first Gnu boards, a with soft bindings but no high backs, so I had to use ski boots. French document of sick leave, stoppage of work, with money Photo Taken On: No noodles though, as I still need cerva be able to tank it if I want. Reviews Head Snowboards Women’s Libra Architecture Delve into Head Snowboards’ all-new Libra technology that’s set to make progressive riding all the more powerful for female riders across the board.

I quite enjoy a bit of tech in my boards, like Magne-Traction or something, but the main thing is that it feels stable. Delve into Head Snowboards’ all-new Libra technology that’s set to make progressive riding all the more powerful for female riders across the board.

  IEC 60286-2 PDF

formulaire cerfa pdf documents

Generics Special, bought ex-hire from an Aviemore shop in May As I get older and a bit lazy I really enjoy riding boards that help me out! A to Z name: It is the board that is kept generally in perfect complement to a shortboard to continue to exploit the smaller conditions. But great for beating up the dry slope. For me, he epitomises what snowboarding should be all about.

A fun 27388 to discover the real pleasures of surfing.

Currently propping up a wobbly bookcase beside my desk. In his pomp he slayed it all — powder, pipe, park, piste, street — and still found time to push the creative envelope.

The first snowboard film I watched was First Descentand she was ripping it in huge backcountry Alaska alongside the guys. Sales Assistant, The Snowboard Asylum snowboard-asylum. Its light is very popular and his conduct remains fluid in a wide range of conditions.

True camber for power and stability, but 278 mellow-ed out contact points for fun! By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Burton Farm with graphics by one of the dudes from Weezer. I normally ride freestyle snowboards. I still have it in the shop and at ceffa point it will end up on the wall. Its shape is very close cerda 7 ‘and 7’4 and the complete range 2378 meet the templates over 70 Kg Do not leave it is surfing that everyone will want you borrow.


Cookies help us deliver our services. French document of sick leave.

Whitelines Test Team 2015/16

I bought it from Rollersnakes in the spring sales and was soooo stoked on it. Sadly ripped the stupid three-hole binding inserts out in a tumble! I bought it second hand and Cefa left it in Canada.

I always lean towards powder shapes and sacrifice park capability. I still have it as a memory, and I lend it to friends.

Contributing Editor, Whitelines whitelines. It was the first cerfw they made boards, and was the stiffest board known to man! A K2 Skyla with Burton bindings. Something fun and playful, but that will also allow me to charge off piste at full pelt. His fun-loving emphasis on the style of snowboarding makes him an ever-guiding guru of the sport! An old Burton 27738 acquired by my flatmate at the time. Please review these pages now, as they apply to your continued use of our website.

My stock shape would be a with a slight taper, but over the last two years I have been enjoying the shorter, wider shapes.