Christopher Rowley (born ) is an American writer specializing in the science fiction and Starhammer was followed by The Vang: The Military Form and The Vang: The Battlemaster to form a loosely connected trilogy (all published by. As a last resort, the gentle beings used the Starhammer to smash the Vang spacefleets and homeworld, leaving but few survivors. For a billion years a silvery. Starhammer by Christopher Rowley is the story of Jon Iehard, born a slave in the brutal Laowon Imperiom. The Laowon are a species of.

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Daniel rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Refresh and try again. Never entirely deciphered starhamjer the movie, the central conundrum was whether or not the vaguely elephantine creature in the huge pilot’s chair had been a hapless victim of the bioweapon or an unlucky combatant whose cargo had somehow slipped out of control and killed him.

This utterly lacks any of it. Leave it to a greedy terrestrial corporation to discover the signal and decide to send one of its chritopher passing vessels to investigate. From there, things get way out of hand. A bit later on, in England, I discovered the Victorian men of adventure stories, H.

Starhammer (The Vang, #1) by Christopher Rowley

The idea behind them was to update the “space opera” starjammer and filter into it some modern SF style. To ask other readers questions about Starhammerplease sign up. The same billiard ball I had mentioned above. All that was left from the war cjristopher the Starhammer itself, stationed at the bottom of a rapidly freezing ocean, and a few fragments of the Vang, scattered through a pocket in the starfields. But I am glad that Jones, and the rest of Bungie, decided to include heroism and good in their stories.



These humans are members of a sect called Elchites, who believe in the freedom of humanity and know the location of the Winston Churchillthe lost Testamenter battleship which has the last example of the Baada drive which would have given humanity FTL travel. It was the age of relativism in fiction, and like Jones’ other favorite work, The Black Company, this story gets predictably amoral because of it.

Wherever they landed they behaved with much the same cheerful indifference to native life that we ourselves have always exhibited on our own world. For an action packed book about alien invasion that is actually good try Battlefield Earth by L. And, can I say–it’s as well written as I remembered it being.

Jon discovers this and goes in to break her out. But speaking for myself, I frequently found the characters’ motivations unfathomable, both on the human and alien side of the equation. It is A brilliant, gory, action-packed science fiction epic that ended like a splash of cold water to the face. I lost it somewhere along the line and have been trying to find it again for many years. Humans are enslaved by another species called Lao from a different solar system.

Christopher Rowley

I love the background story of the laowon, human, the vangs, and the Starhammer. The cyristopher is a genetically created human male. It would’ve been one of my favorite books if the ending keep up with the quality of the drama the story carries. Here we chrixtopher a creature designed from the genes up. Add to that a good tempo and plenty of no nonsense violence and you have a quick pleasing read.

The Ryetelth novels also include a tangential story, told in The Wizard and the Floating City that interrupted the sequence of Bazil Broketail novels and introduced new characters and a broadening of the conceptual framework of the entire series.


One aspect of this technology allowed them to smash the barriers of space and time and travel elsewhere, perhaps to another universe entirely. The Laowon are starham,er species of blue-skinned humanoids who run a ruthless and repressive empire.

Review — Starhammer by Christopher Rowley

However Melissa Baltitude is captured by the Laowon, who figured out she was involved in Jon’s escape, and she is held as a tool. This is of course only a capsule summary of a book that has all sorts of gee-whiz wonderful ideas. If you encapsulated the plot of this book as an outline or a series of bullet points, you would get me and most other sci fi enthusiasts pretty excited, because there’s a lot of fantastic action, weird aliens, galactic empires and such to make things interesting and varied.

Christopher Rowley is a prolific writer of both science fiction and fantasy novels. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Return to Book Page. High on my re-read for fun list.

Just one factual statement of what is happening after another without any emotion or metaphors or vivid d The only good thing about this book is the title and cover.

Jul 31, Tudor Stephens rated it it was amazing. A brilliant, gory, action-packed science fiction epic that ended like a splash of cold water to the face.