Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Sevilla , ). España. Fue conquistador y cronista e historiador del Perú. Escribió. Pedro Cieza de León (Llerena, Sevilla, ). España. Fue conquistador y cronista e historiador del Perú. Escribió una Crónica del Perú en tres partes. The First part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León is described by the Tags: Biblioteca Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, crónica, crónica de indias, Inca .

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The sculpture of this head is very remarkable.

In many neighbouring hills, within the jurisdiction of this town of Plata, rich 1. This wealth became so famous, that Indians came from all parts ciesa extract silver from the hill.

Many of them, such as the Charcas and Carangues, were very warlike. In the Intellectual Observer for Maythere is an excellent engraving of one of the great monolithic doorways at Tiahuanaco, to illustrate a paper by Mr.

Part one of the Chronicle of Peru, Pedro Cieza de León

In the valleys on the coast, and in other warm regions, the natives sow cotton, and make their clothes from it, so that they feel no want, because the cotton cloth is suitable for their climate.

They carry three or four “arrobas” 75lb or lbs. See a full description of them in my Travels in Peru and lacUa, p. It is now one of the principal towns in the modern Republic of Bolivia. They also declare that the origin of their ancestors was very ancient, and they relate so many sayings and fictions that I shall not stop to write them down, for some See chapter xxv, p. As a remedy may be found in this world for all evils, there has not been wanting an invention for extracting this metal, which is the strangest imaginable.

There is another kind called huanacus, of the same shape and appearance, but they are very large and wander over the plains in a wild state, running and jumping with such speed that the dog which could overtake them must be very swift.

This viceroy also introduced the use of quicksilver, a mine of which had been discovered at Huancavehca, by a Portuguese named Enrique Garces, in The Quipus had knots for each flock, according to the colour, and thus an account of their number was easily kept. For as the Indians cover their houses with thatch, in order that this might appear like the rest, they have combed and carved the stone so that it resembles a roof of thatch.


In there were about five thousand mouths of mines on the mountain, of which only fifty or sixty were then worked. The region which they call Collao appears to me to be the largest province in all Peru, and the most populous. When the drink is ready, and the sheep and lambs killed, they carry the corpse to the place where the.

From the outer part of each eye a band descends, adorned with two squares terminating in a serpent.

La cronica del Peru/ The Chronicles Of Peru

Their flesh is the best in the woirld ; it is tender, wholesome, and savoury. The days and nights are almost equal, and the cold in this district is greater than in any other part of Peru, excepting the snowy peaks, because the land is high, and comes up to the mountains. The natives are rich in flocks, and they have plenty of provisions.

Notwithstanding all this, the citizens have thought of moving nearer to the great lake of Titicaca, between the villages of Huaqui and Tiahuanaco. In this respect, and in regard to the waves that are formed when the wind rises, it appears like some gulf of the sea.

I am surprised to find that Humboldt should have doubted this fact, ” La pomme de terre n’est pas indigene au Perou. He was also apjiointed corregidor of Charcas, where he was assassinated two years afterwards in a mutiny headed by Sebastian de Castilla. Blessed be the invention of letters!

Part one of the Chronicle of Peru, Pedro Cieza de León | Proyecto Estudios Indianos

The temple, on the island of Titicaca, was one of the most sacred in Peru, and the ruins are still in a good pevro of preservation. The largest of these is the Ramiz, which is formed by the junction of the two rivers of Pucara and Azangaro, and enters the lake at its north-west corner.

I saw this fair several times, and it is held in a plain near the town. They say that, before marriage, the women may go loosely, but that they are punished with death if they are guilty of infidelity after they have been delivered to husbands.


The wool of these vicunas is excellent, and finer than the wool of merino sheep in Spain. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. They took the silver from mines which were not very deep, abandoning them as soon as the hardness of the ore offered a resistance sufficient to withstand lfon imperfect tools. Read more Read less. It is to be noted, from what now appears of these edifices, that they were not completed, for there is nothing but these portals, and other stones of strange big.

The young men, and others who most desire it, assemble to croncia the evangehcal doctrine preached by the friars and clergymen. To reach the city of La Paz, it is necessary to leave the royal road of the Yncas, and fel go to the village of Laxa. Amongst other accounts, which he and others have sent me from my native laud, he says the following respecting these great edifices of Tiahuanaco.

La cronica del Peru/ The Chronicles Of Peru : Pedro Cieza De Leon :

But, in truth, the Kings Yncas who ruled over this em- pire were so wise, and such excellent cronicw, that they established laws and customs without cel the majority of their people would have suffered great hardships, as they did before they came under the rule of the Yncas, In the Collao, and in all the parts of Peru, where, owing to the cold climate, the pesro is not so fertile and abundant as in the warm valleys, they ordered that, as the great forests of Leon, and other early writers.

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The Pacos are not reared for carrying burdens, but for the sake of their flesh, and for their wool, which is excellent and very long.