De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is a set of wargames rules. It is a set of wargame rules written by the Wargames Research Group in England. They function by. De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is probably the most played set of rules for the hobby of ancient and medieval wargaming today, for the period BC to AD. De Bellis Fantasticus is a set of supplemental DBM rules published by Keep Wargaming. Requires use of DBM or later. The supplement was written by.

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DBM expanded on DBA’s definition troop types by function and level of training – defining troops dde regular bladesmen rather than Roman legionaries for example – by adding grades for each and rating them as Regular or Irregular.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Early Ostrogothic, Herul, Sciri or Taifali. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. As well as friendly games, DBM competitions are played worldwide – including a truly global World championship. Hence he decided on a revision. They function by abstracting the tactics of individual soldiers or small tactical groups into a larger series of events. Search Blogs Just another WordPress. Retrieved from ” https: The start of a collection of armies that permit the morphing of a number of different forces from around the time of the fall of Rome to the time of the early Byzantine Empire.

So, the following armies can be morphed from the figures above:. The figures were painted by Tony Barr and I guess his daughter. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

While simplifying combat resolution, this contact rule requires element placement on the table top to be fairly neat and precise and can result in situations where the arrangement of elements prevents some from getting into combat.

The model warrior Wargaming. The player can bellie only the number of blocks of units that have been thrown.

Details of it will be posted when it is complete. I had hoped to have it completed before the Millenium Dome, however, it is likely that the Millenium Dome will be destroyed before these guys are complete. Although the game is designed to be used between historical enemies the level of abstraction, standardised army lists, and points system allows players to pit 5, years worth of opponents against each other with fairly believable outcomes in the main.

  DIN 17140 PDF

Notes about the army I was hoping to be currently working on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Notify me of new posts via email.

De Bellis Multitudinis

Notify me of new comments via email. This army has some natural or rather historical opponents from the armies listed in the morphable armies below: Project and Future Armies Notes Here I am including details and notes about the projects armies I am working on or that I have in stock at the moment. Since first writing this list, the authors of DBM have gone their separate ways.

As it turned out there was considerably more. Whilst not looking like the classic Normans we are used to seeing from places such as the Bayeux Tapestry, the elements needed to construct this army are present and arguably an early version of this force may have looked like the figures used.

His website has some introductory tactics plus essays on a couple of armies he finds particularly appealing. Phil Barker had grown increasingly unhappy with the way that those multitkdinis were being used by players to block actions that would in reality have been possible.

The rules allow armies to be chosen from published Army Lists in 4 books, with about different army lists in total – but many more once all the in-list variants are taken into account using a points belpis to select roughly equal armies if required. One mulyitudinis the most realistic aspects of DBM is the way armies become progressively more disorganized, and thus harder to control, as combat multltudinis larger groups into smaller groups and small groups into bellks elements while the number of pips available to control them remains the same.

These approaches, coupled with a fairly simple game system, produces a fast playing but subtle game that is easy to pick up but much harder to master, and mirrors ancient warfare a lot more closely than most rulesets that have gone before.


Destination Humanity Chasing big dreams one photo at a time. The painting for this has now been completed. DBM evolved from the earlier WRG 7th Edition Ancients ruleset, using its mechanism of fixed size elements as the basic fighting unit ed than individual figures, each element representing the smallest coherent fighting group possible.

Richard Bodley Scott has worked on a committee with Sliterine Software to write a set of Ancient Wargaming Rules called Art of War well, called that now … that may change depending on patents and copyrights of names. Version 2 multitudiniss written with the help of extensive online discussion in which players participated. Figures from here also allow for a lot of morphing with the Goths mentioned above.

De Bellis Multitudinis Historical Miniatures Game

Elephants, Chariots, Artillery and Naval are 1 model per element, representing varying numbers of that type – for example 16 elephants or 25 chariots. Each troop type has its bellsi and weaknesses, expressed by their movement rates and restrictions, their combat factors, their ability to support other friendly troop types in combat, and how they respond to victory and defeat versus other types of opposing troops. Partly this is due to the fact that moving backwards into the Classical Period, we have more people shaving and therefore less Hairy Barbarians.

As well as friendly games, DBM competitions are played worldwide – including a truly global World championship. Elephants, Chariots, Artillery and Shipping are 1 model per element, representing varying numbers of that type – for example 16 elephants or 25 chariots.

Two unpublished, minor revisions have since been made, with the multitudniis, DBM 3. Leave a Reply Be,lis reply Enter your comment here Expanding on the system introduced by DBA, DBM has twenty different types of troops, grouped into three broad categories: Tony also is manufacturing Multigudinis Miniatures along with some other items.