Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Seedcorn maggot is the larva of a small fly, Delia platura. This fly is widely. Genus: Delia. Species: D. platura. Subspecies: D. platura. Scientific Name. Delia platura (Meigen, ). Common Names. seedcorn maggot. Delia platura (Meigen, ). seedcorn maggot. polyphagous. Delia platura: cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva. cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva (from.

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Manual of Nearctic Diptera Anthomyiidae in southwestern Ontario. Proceedings of the Fourth International Lupin Conference. It also attacks a wide range of horticultural crops including beans Phaseolus spp. Nutrition and reproductive behavior of the seed-corn maggot, Hylemyia cilicrura Rond.

More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Die Fliegen der Palaearktischen Region. Mid- to late season stand loss caused by seedcorn maggot has not been observed, just secondary invasion of the eelia after some other factor damages the crop. Response of dry bean selections to field infestations of seedcorn maggot in central Washington.

Responsiveness of Delia spp. A note on the incidence of seed corn maggot, Delia platura Meigen Anthomyiidae: Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, 64 2: Wan SY, Wan M, In beans plots, populations of seedcorn maggots can be managed best by choosing correct pesticide applications can be applied either to seed or seedling line and by following planting techniques mentioned in the cultural control section Valenciano et al.

Schlupftrichterfange von Dipteren und parasitoiden Hymenopteren in unterschiedlich delai Getreidefeldern. Seedcorn maggots deposited significantly more eggs near the base of pkatura emerged seedlings when given a choice of five different stages of developing soybeans Ibrahim and Hower There is also some evidence that D.


Biology of seed-corn maggot, Hylemya cilicrura Rondaniplattura preliminary studies on its control. Datasheet Delia platura bean seed fly. In the southern United States, adults are found commonly in the fall, early winter, and spring seasons, but few have been reported in mid-summer Berisford and TsaoReid The calyptrate muscoid flies collected on weather ships located at the ocean weather stations.

Damage Back to Top Bessin reported that seedcorn maggots damage newly planted seeds by feeding on seed contents, often leaving empty seed shells and preventing germination. Late instar larva and pupa of the seedcorn maggot, Delia platura Meigenshowing seed damage. Flight activity of two species of the Delia genus Diptera, Anthomyiidae in southwestern Slovakia. If infestations of flies occur mid- to late season due to crop damage which attracts flies to decaying organic matter, control of flies might be warranted.

Pont, ; EPPO, An adult bean seed fly, Delia platura Meigendleia a flower.

Delia platura

There are a wide range of natural enemies from families Carabidae and Staphylinidae of order Coleoptera and Family Cynipidae of order Hymenoptera are associating with Delia platura as in the case of Delia radicum. Klimaszewski J, Blume RR, Discussion View source History. Griffiths, ; EPPO, The larvae is extremely polyphagous attacking a wide range of host plants that include bean,corn,melon,maize,etc. Anthomyiidaein rutabaga in southwestern Ontario, with some observations on other root maggots.

Korean Journal of Applied Entomology, 28 1: Entomophthoraceae from infected seed corn maggot Delia platura Diptera: Diptera -Anthomyidaein conditiile din silvostepa moldovei.

bean seed fly – Delia platura –

Description Back to Top Seedcorn maggot can pass through up to five generations per year GesellHarukawa et al. Identification of the root maggots Diptera: The quantitative determination of the population dynamics of different species of Hylemya, especially Hylemya brassicae Bouche Diptera: If seedcorn maggot adults are detected on yellow sticky traps in the field months before harvest, then we recommend a treatment for adults to reduce the level of contamination of the crop.


Previous names for this insect include: Bulletin of Entomology New Delhi28 2: Hylemya platuraHylemya canaHylemya cilicruraHylemya similis and others. Entomological notes, department of Platkra, Penn State University. The complete cycle from egg to adult ranges from 15 to 77 days depending on temperature, with an average of three weeks under warm conditions. Cercetari privind evolutia speciei Delia plaura Meig. Seedcorn maggot also feeds on other crops such as alfalfa Medicago sativacotton Gossypium spp.

Add New Comment all fields are required Name: Chemical control of the larvae of the seed corn maggot on snap beans by means of seed treatments and cultivar susceptibility. Attraction and oviposition stimulation of seedcorn maggot adults to germinating seeds.


Canadian Entomologist, 4: Japanese Journal of Sanitary Zoology, 42 1: Hammond found that population increases were associated with tillage systems involving substantial soil disturbance, and Hammond observed that timing of tillage operations also affected population sizes.

Note on a severe attack by the fly Phorbia platura Meigen in a deloa crop. Bugguide is hosted by: