Dell™ PowerConnect™ / is provided with pre-defined not set to auto -negotiation, both the switching port and the NIC must be manually set with the. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Dell Switch User Manual. Page 1. Manufacturer: Dell, Model: , Type of document: User manual, Category: Switch, Number of pages:

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Assigning Multicast Forward All Parameters Open the Select Authentication page.

Dell – PowerConnect Switch – Stackable Manuals

Viewing Counter Summary Define the Access Level, and Password fields. Open the ARP Setting 3384. Page Open the Static Address Table. To open the ACL Bindings page: Configures the spanning tree port cost for a port. The system provides 6 permanent LAGs.

Dell 3348 – PowerConnect Switch – Stackable Manuals

mnual Page — SNMP Admin—Indicates that the user has access to all device configuration options, as well to modifying the community. The Image file is selected.

Configures the spanning tree bridge Hello Time, which is how often the switch broadcasts Hello messages to other switches. If connecting a port of the switch to the network interface controller NIC of a workstation or server that does not support auto-negotiation or is not set to auto-negotiation, both the switching port and the NIC must be manually set with the Web browser interface or CLI commands to the same speed and duplex mode.


The stack configuration is stored in stack master after the stack order is changed, and the stack is reset. Displays the device asset tag. The Port Mirroring page opens. Rearranging Stacks Unit ID assignment. Our technical support staff use computer-based diagnostics to provide fast, accurate answers.

Customer Powerconnecf Austin, Texas, U. Console config port storm-control rate fastethernet Console config port storm-control enable fastethernet Console show ports storm-control PortUnknownBroadcastMulticastRate Configuring Switch Infor m ation Description Enables broadcast storm control for Unicast, Multicast, and Powrconnect packets. First and foremost, an user manual of Dell should contain: Configuring System Information Aug For more information, see “Online Services.

Configuring Switch Information The following message displays: Select an authentication profile. The Dynamic Address Table Page page opens. Starting The Switch Administrator Each unit’s software version, boot version, and hardware version are displayed.

Dell Switch User Guide |

Enter console copy tftp: File Management Overview The configuration file structure consists of the following delp Viewing The Asset Page Accessing file ‘file1’ on Mapping To Queues If the stacking LED continues flashing, the Master unit has not joined the poqerconnect. Page 73 In the browser window type the IP previously configured on the device mqnual or without http: Authentication Profiles are assigned in two predefined field values to which other Authentication Profiles can be added.


Traffic not containing a predefined packet field is mapped to best effort. Messages are assigned a severity code and include a message mnemonic, which identifies the source application generating the message. Configuring Address Tables MAC addresses are dynamically learned as packets from sources arrive at the switch. The Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol RSTP detects and uses network topologies that provide faster convergence of the spanning tree without creating forwarding loops.

The configured parameters enable further device configuration from any remote location.

Defining Vlan Members Description Enters Port-channel configuration mode. The SNMP agents maintain a list of variables, which are used to manage the device. The Add Source Port page opens. Enables or disables dynamic VLAN creation.

The Image file can also be uploaded from the File Upload to Server page. Connect the interface crossed cable to the device serial connection. Before rebooting the device, save the device configuration.

Startup Menu Functions From the Startup Menu, additional device configuration functions are performed.