One of my favorite rhetorical theorists, Kenneth Burke has done wonders for communication. As I said earlier, one of Burke’s most noted theories is dramatism. Dramatism is a metaphor introduced by 20th-century rhetorician Kenneth Burke to describe his critical method. Dramatism. 1. Dramatism; 2. Introduced by rhetorician Kenneth Burke, made its way into the field of communication in the early ‘s.

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To understand people’s movement and intentions, the theorist sets up the Five Dramatistic Pentad strategy for viewing life, not as life itself, [5] by comparing each social unit involved in human activities as five elements of drama — act, scene, agent, agency, and purpose, [6] to answer the empirical question of how persons explain their dramatizm, [2] and to find the ultimate motivations of human activities. Motives play a crucial role in social interaction between an acting person and his or her validating audience.

Within the dramaturgical frame, people are rationalizing. Grounding Dramatism in dramatjsm Representative Anecdote.

Burke’s Pentad: Dramatism

Central States Speech Journa. There are two ways of victimage. Winterowd suggests writers should present ideas dramatistically,not relying on argument and demonstration alone but grounding their buroe in the concreteness of what being called burkd representative anecdotes.

Burke recognizes that identification rests on both unity and division, since no one’s substance can completely overlap with others. Views Read Edit View history. Some researchers, such as Robert Wade Kenny, addressed the use of the Pentad and Dramatism to look into the field of sociology.

Kfnneth are symbol-using animals, inventors of the negative, separated from natural conditions by instruments of their own making, goaded by a spirit of hierarchy, and rotten with perfection. Finally, it explains and predicts the event. Another example of dramatism in politics is the use of Burke’s rhetorical interpretations as a tool to understand presentations of terrorism in media. The Elements of Dramatism.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

In order for motives to be understood further, Burke presents what is knows as the Pentad. Dramatistic ratios is the “proportions of one element relative to another in the Dramatism Pentad”, [7] which can be used to find the dominant element in the interaction.


Each and every one of us has different temperaments, talents, and convictions, which persuade us to understand things slightly differently.

The goal of the agent, or speaker; this is the proverbial “why”. Kenneth Burke is an important figure in modern rhetorical criticism. Dramatisman interpretive communication studies theory, was developed by Kenneth Burke as a tool for analyzing human relationships. In a persuasive sentence, the verb indicates the act. Dramatism and the theatrical metaphor.

Finally comes transcendence which is new order, the now status quo.

Society is a dramatic process in which hierarchy forms structure through power relationships. Tetlock tried to answer why presidents became more complex in their thinking after winning the campaign.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

Scholars try to provide a way of understanding how the various identities which comprise the self are constructed. See Chappaquiddick incident [37] He regards the events surrounding the death of Miss Kopechne as the scene, Kennedy himself as the agent, Kennady’s failure to report the accident in time as act, methods to report as agency, kenbeth finds out that the purpose for Kennedy dramaism to fulfill his legal and moral duty.

The act is publishing the nude photos on to the internet.

Category Task Force Discussion. Disciplines Techniques Principles Explanations Theories. It is fairly simple, pleasing to the mind, and useful. As a result, by people who take action against the villains become heroized because they are confronting evil.

According to Littlejohnanyone who is writing about communication today, in some way is restating something that Burke had already created. Burke staunchly argued that his theory of dramatism is a literal theory, understanding reality as a literal stage with actors and enactment. For example, Anderson and Swainson tried to find the answer of whether rape is motivated by sex or by power.

The theory is also interpretable to explain and predict. Feminist scholars also talked about our ability as a society kennfth begin to think in new ways about sex and gender, to extent our kennth beyond duality to a broad ” humanity ” and to “human beings”.

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There are several ways to create identification. Southern Journal of Communication, 61 1 People who put emphasis here believe that changing the scene changes everything else. Action is something that people do on purpose in way of their voluntary behavior.

They are act, agent, agency, scene, and purpose. Guilt ienneth as a motivating factor that drives the human draamatism. Identification is a recognized common ground between two people’s substances, regarding physical characteristics, talents, occupation, experiences, personality, beliefs, and attitudes.

Kenneth Burke, Dramatism, the Pentad, and Identification: an Overview

kebneth Pre- to Postelection Shifts in Presidential Rhetoric: Then casuistic stretching allows the guilt to be accepted into the world.

Dell Hymes, Kenneth Burke’s “identification,” and the Birth of sociolinguistics. Because of the complexity and extension of Burke’s thinking, it is difficult to label the ontology behind his theory. Thus, new theories advance our society.

Examining Aristotle’s principles of rhetoric, Burke points out that the definition of the “old rhetoric ” is, in essence, persuasion.

Burke asserts that all things have substance, which he defines as the general nature of something. Kenneth burke and the “new rhetoric”. In other words, I may feel that the fraternity guy posted those nude pictures of his girlfriend on the internet out of jealousy while someone else may feel he did it out of kindness.

As Charles Kneupper comments on Burke’s work on this theory, that “i would concur that has been limitations in the application of dramatistic theory When there is overlap between two people in terms of their substance, they have identification. Central States Speech Journal.

Corrigibility is the persistence that no matter how right everyone thinks the theory may be, that there might be some sort of flaw or disconfirmation some where along the lines.