So, Dungeon Petz rulebook is in file section (and also in our manufacturing company, as a last bit of the production puzzle, so Dungeon Petz. RULES OF THE GAME. official rules. The following advanced rules are used: Double-symboled cards; Advanced meat stand rule. I know the Dungeon Petz rules well. It all feels very natural for me now, but teaching it can be a pain. I think the main problem is that all the.

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This is mostly standard fare to other strategy games, so I trust you can do this part as normal. For 2 or 3 players, some action spaces are not available. Arranging cages and pets First place your cages, rulss install your pets. I supported becauseā€¦ “The Abstract and Wargame forums, blogs, game forums, guilds, wiki, and whatever else good stuff I randomly discover As you know, pets duneon the upper half of the pet corral must go to a farm if they are not purchased. I wish I could give them a firmer grasp before the game begins, as first round strategy is quite important.

Normally when this happens, you add 1 extra meat token to the meat stand. For single-pet exhibitions, your best monster is chosen. The icons at the top are a huge trap and will distract some players. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

Or any other jokes? Get players to help shuffle fungeon pet eggs. I know the Dungeon Petz rules well. To choose a new cage for a pet you already have, first “empty cages”. Set up the main board, the cage board, but consider holding off the house board.


Assigning need cards to pets Select a card, assign it to a pet, until you have assigned one card for each revealed color bar. Explaining a board game usually requires concise and deliberate wording to not be confusing to new players, and this can be tricky.


The point of this subreddit is to aid people in explaining how to play a game to their friends, because they normally would have difficulty doing so normally. My only question is who came up with gimmicky jokes like above? Please select a support frequency. Evaluating needs For each monstre, each need is evaluated. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If Baby Golem is sent to a farm, add 1 gold token to the meat stand. It all feels very natural for me now, but teaching it can be a pain. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: On the progress board, move the cursor over a previous exhibition displays the scoring details. Some steps are automatic, others need you to use food, items or imps.

Just state that you will explain it mid-round, when players are about to make strategic decisions. Upvote posts that are simple and are helpful!

Try petx keep your answer as simple and as short as possible.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. I try to save the turn order bid mechanic until last, so that they dont get confused about that while they are learning the worker placement spots. Explain the pets first.

Rules for download | Dungeon Petz | BoardGameGeek

Add tags Tags separate by space: Log in or sign up in seconds. You don’t have to sort your group by size, it will be done automatically for you. Move the cage piece.


The colours at the bottom represent their various needs. Tags separate by space: If you held off on showing the house board, reveal it now.

Agreed, Dungeon Petz is at the top of “one round and reset” for me.

Definitely do not try to use the icon spam at the top left of the house board to explain the game. Pick an action opens a window with more details.

In the example above, the hunger need is automatically satisfied with the cage addon, the poop need will add a manure token into the cage, and the anger need will require an imp if you don’t wan’t the pet to escape. For each pet discarded, add 1 meat token to the meat stand in the food market. Try and explain the rules in a thought out manner ex: But when Stareplant is sent to a farm, you should add 1 vegetable token to the meat stand instead.

[Request] Dungeon Petz : HelpMeExplainRules

Most dules usually get it after one round though some still don’t understand some central concepts for quite a while longer. Want to add to the discussion? Grouping imps Group your imps and give them gold for shopping.