Everlasting [Kathleen E Woodiwiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once, Abrielle was a privileged daughter coveted for her bearing, her. Once, Abrielle’s name was on the lips of every unwed nobleman in London as a proud exceptional lady coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her. Last summer, just as the Romance Writers of America conference rolled into Dallas, the news leaked through the ranks: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss had died. Some.

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Maybe I expected too much, like a heroine overcoming all odds despite the lack of power women held during the Crusades.


Apr 07, Jennifer rated it did not like it. Woodiwiss is credited with the invention of the modern historical romance novel: The conflict is annoying.

Abrielle must marry evrelasting keep the family together and provide financial security for them.

Woodiwiss first published her seminal book, The Flame and the Flowerkathlwen can still feel the influences today when you pick up romance novels just published. This book was a lighthearted tale of Medieval times where traditions were strong and power led to greed.

Woodiwiss is widely regarded as the mother of the modern historical romance, and her 12 novels beginning everlastign ‘s The Flame and the Flower boast a staggering 30 million copies in print.


She gave them an alternative to Westerns and hard-boiled police procedurals.

Mar 19, Linda Wallace rated it it was ok. I just love this book, haven’t read it in years but when I saw it was available as a kindle edition at my library I was thrilled!!! This one is no different, and I ate it up very quickly.

The first publisher on her list, Avon, quickly purchased the novel and arranged an initialprint run. Woodiwiss was the youngest of eight siblings.

Book review: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’s *Everlasting *

I’ve loved other books by this author, but can’t say I loved this one. Abrielle’s mother, Elspeth, and stepfather, Vachel, have unfortunately fallen upon hard times and are virtually penniless.

I’m still drawn to her books and after reading this one have considered going back and rereading some others.

The characters are annoying. Desmond is an oafish, grotesque, yet wealthy squire and her greedy stepfather can’t see past his wealth.

It’s amazing he is so driven to succeed when she is nasty to only him when he never did anything wrong. It was actually getting tedious. Luckily, a mysterious and handsome Scotsman, Raven, arrives.

Woodiwiss William Morrow Hardcover pages October It is a story of frustration. I don’t know how much of the published book is her work, but her ,athleen are missing.


Everlasting by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss – Review | BookPage | BookPage

It is not only a romance but a story of a fretting girl with a worried mother and protective step father who only want her to be happy. It is a story of determination and getting what you want. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I admit, I enjoyed some of her books better than others, and I have mixed feelings about this book. This was a nice historical romance.

Jun 29, Victoria Griffin rated it it was amazing. Throughout all this, Raven Seabern is a constant, often rescuing her or protecting her, yet Abrielle doubts his motives.

Everlastinga sumptuous story set in the turbulent aftermath of the Crusades. There was a certain richness and depth that was severely lacking.

She long relished creating original narratives, and by age 6 was telling herself stories at night to help herself fall asleep.