Does someone know if it’s possible to export awstats stattistics to Excel format, or CSV. I cannot find that anywhere in the product. Thank you. Post here if you face any problem with your Linux cPanel shared hosting account. Discussion also includes issues related to cPanel, email, php. What I wanted was to be able to import the Awstats data into MS Excel in Awstats, Excel, Hosting, Office and tagged Awstats, Excel, export.

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Do you already have an account? So to get it to work you will need to download your Awstats text files for the months you need. My criteria was relatively straightforward:.

I also like to put the data into MS Excel so I can view it better. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Stop hovering to collapse Export a list for active and suspended sites Tarak NathJun 1,in forum: When imported these usually start at Row 10 and go to about Row After a fair bit of trial and error I have come up with a spreadsheet that works for me and am happy to share it free of charge for anyone that awstwts be interested in a starting point for their own project.


Basically what the spreadsheet does is to look for these starting positions and subsequent end positions and get the data in between. Like many others I use Awstats for checking Website statistics. I could use some help. There has never been an easy way to do this. How to export SSL from cPanel with.

MS Excel import Awstats

What I wanted was to be able to import the Awstats data into MS Excel and then use the Functions and Formulas built into excel to build my graphs etc. Now go back to the front page and select the month you imported and your data will appear.

Melbourne, Australia cPanel Access Level: Time to build my own. The htmldoc module is what turns the output into a.

Export Awstats to PDF | cPanel Forums

Get the zipped file and the text of this post here: If you need to redo the month just delete all the data and re import the data. All formulas etc are unprotected so you can play with them. I am trying to send the pdf files through e-mail.


Can you email me the file?


I don’t know what the error means, but during install it says error Mar 13, Messages: Has anyone ever done this? Your email address will not be published.

I’d go to www. Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ started by airoidMay 20, Open the Speadsheet and select the sheet you want use along the tabs at the bottom. I still have a bit to do with it but it works and does the job. Yes, my password is: Export single awstts and email via cron job LukeDouglasMay 15,in forum: Download link at the end of this post.