The Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame was one of the most successful naval wargames of the 20th century. The straightforward rules, based on the innovation of. Murray Fletcher Pratt (25 April – 10 June ) was an American writer of science fiction, This was known as the “Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game” and it involved dozens of tiny wooden ships, built on a scale of one inch to 50 feet. The Hunt for the Fletcher Pratt Wargame outlines my search to find the WWII The Complete Rules for the Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game as used by the New.

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The Barbary Pirates by C.

Abandon Ship! A Review of ‘Fletcher Pratt’s Naval Wargame: Wargaming with Model Ships 1900-1945’

Each ship has a total number of damage points and as it loses these points, speed is lost, guns are qargame out, and torpedo tubes are destroyed. Maps The Imagi-world of The game relies on the integrity of the individual players to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules. The scale was one inch equaling fifty feet meaning the sizes of the ships could be rather large and the distances big caliber guns could fire would be staggering thus the need for huge areas to wsrgame.

All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. Also included in the original rules and something that we would toss out, because the scale we would play was much smaller than that called for, was to point an arrow at your target. Wargaming with Model Ships This one dates from before WWII.

Civil War Round Table. Thank you for your feedback.


Fletcher Pratt – Wikipedia

Inhe married Inga Stephensan artist. Pratt wrote in a markedly identifiable prose style, reminiscent of the style of Bernard DeVoto. The Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame was one of the most successful naval wargames of the 20th century. These two methods are a case in point, and reflect the levels of technology that were available to them at the time. John ran a session at COW ;ratt the rules were used, and the following photographs were taken during that session.

By the Second World War they were able to process all manner of data e. Anonymous Saturday, February 20, 2: This is simply one of fletchr infuriating problems this book has.

Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers: The Scott Director Tower. Maybe you scored a deck hit on a ship that had very poor deck armor! Whiskers Monday, February 22, 8: As a result of extensive research, this book brings together previously unpublished material into a comprehensive guide to these classic rules, including: His guns are large enough fpetcher the shells have penetrated the armor where they hit.

I stare at the description of this like a cat trying to puzzle out sudoku before diving for navall into a cool dark recess. Curry and let him sort out your problems. Jane’s method for resolving gunfire is really quite ingenious. The game relies on the integrity of the individual players to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules.

It sounds much more complex than the game actually is. Several of Pratt’s books were illustrated by Inga Stephens Pratthis wife.

Leave this field empty. Included are two wooden strikers, one of the 1: The Fool on the Hill: Pratt was a military analyst for Time magazine whose obituary described him as “bearded, gnome-like” and listed “raising marmosets ” among his hobbies[2] as well as a regular reviewer of historical nonfiction and fantasy and science fiction for the New York Times Book Review.


I think your review is pretty harsh and a bit unfair. Board Game Classics in Electronic Edition. My preference has been for the larger scale as I like the players to be able to distinguish between individual ships, even with the smaller light cruisers and destroyers.

I like the idea of restricting the time players have to move, aim, and estimate I would use my trusty movement key that the kindly referee has provided each knot equals so many fractions of an inch based on the scale hoping to move into position to bring as many guns to bear on my target — The evil and diabolical Captain Elliott Miller! Did you find apk for android? Sunday, 28 April COW An in-depth evaluation of the rules versus naval reality featuring contributions from experts such as James Dunnigan, Commander Bothwell, Fletcher Pratt and Phil Barker.

Once the referee would measure out the firing and mark on the floor, or on the ship where the shots landed, you would find out how much damage you dealt and also received. A good deal of the blame might be attributed to the company printing this on demand but John has to take credit for the awfulness as well.

These were spread over the floor of Pratt’s apartment and their maneuvers were calculated via a complex navval formula. View my complete profile. The club was later fictionalized as the Black Widowers in a series of mystery stories by Isaac Asimov.

This is the spirit of the wargame. Trending Games Based on Marvel Comics. He is best known for his works on foetcher history and on the American Civil War and for fiction written with L.