provide extensive information about FM ( ). : Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM ) ( ) by Department of the Army and a great selection of similar New , Used and. This manual, “Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM ),” provides the fundamentals of planning and construction of military petroleum.

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Full text of “Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems”

It can also be installed as a low-point drain. It takes about 30 minutes to cut and groove each end 5-42 pipe. These valves are located at intervals in the pipeline for repair purposes.

Be careful when loading and unloading bolster trailers holding more than 35 sticks of 6-inch pipe because of the height that you must lift the pipe when loading and unloading. A pipeline construction support company is designed to provide technical expertise to a battalion- size, 5-82 construction unit for pipeline construction.

The machine is powered by a cubic-foot-per-minute cfm air compressor or by a generator. Hose lines are used in TPTs, in ship-to-shore tanker unloading or loading lines, and for overland delivery of petroleum products within a 5-mile radius, based on mission analysis. The disk moves up or down while a thrust collar keeps the stem in place. Hose Lines B Appendix C. When a pipeline runs uphill, the stations are 5-4882 together; when it runs downhill, the stations are farther apart.

The extra material-handling equipment assigned to the pipeline construction support company must be allocated for loading and unloading the components. Inspect pipe ends for dents, out-of-roundness, paint, scale, rust, or other irregularities.

Wide-spaced, fabric tank-farm TPT layout Figure Crossing obstacles can significantly slow down the construction rate. In design, this information serves as a parameter on which to base the distances between pumping stations on level terra in. Darcy-Weisbach Equation A-2 A Studying maps and aerial photos when planning the pipeline route can help reduce the number of crossing sites.


Good layout can greatly reduce the construction effort. The amount of support, civil or 5482, that a host nation can provide depends on its national laws, industrial capability, economy, and willingness to give such support. Determining if a rising-stem f, is open or shut is easy.

FM Chptr 2 Equipment

Low-pressure pipelines require that pumping stations be spaced closer than high-pressure lines to get the same throughput. This set is an ordnance item of issue and is used primarily for minor maintenance or replacement of external accessories of pumping unit engines.

Bulk transporters may move bulk fuel from the direct-support echelon to using units. A downstream station at a lower elevation than the preceding station will be farther from that station than fmm would be if both stations were at an equal elevation.

The size of 5-42 sectors will depend on the number of pipeline construction crews available and the number and size of construction staging areas that can be operated effectively at the same time.

These areas are the transfer points of components from the foot low-bed trailer -5482 the bolster trailers and the 5-ton cargo trucks. If the bottom edge of the feet-of-head scale does not pass above the pipeline profile at any point, the safe working pressure of the standard pipe is not exceeded.

Determining if a rising-stem valve is open or shut is easy. However, welded military pipelines gm operate at higher pressures. The suction pressure required at station 1 is 20 psi. The petroleum planner should use them in coordination with engineer theater development planning.

Use the following procedures when coupling a pipeline using 6-inch aluminum pipe or 4-and 6-inch steel pipe: The crew down loads pipe as the truck moves slowly along the trace. Mainline pumping stations, with the exception of station 1, are placed by the modular method described above.


Relubricate the valve whenever water passes through it.

Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM 5-482)

Use of this manual is also applicable to quartermaster commanders and staff for the operation of these bulk Class III systems. The design flow rate of the pipeline is GPM of 0. To transport 10 miles of 6-inch aluminum pipeline components, twenty-five foot low-bed trailers are required.

If atmospheric pressure is reduced, the net maximum suction lift also will be reduced.

Looking for beautiful books? Therefore, this type of valve is used in pipeline station manifolds and similar locations where it is necessary to identify quickly if a valve is open or closed.

A nut, fastened to the handwheel and held in the yoke by thrust collars, moves the stem as the handwheel is turned. Small quantities of loose material in each pipe length can accumulate in sufficient volume to clog sand traps or strainers located at pumping stations.

Ffm page shows the structure of a typical lubricated plug valve. The 6-inch pipe ends on the unit can be coupled to the 6-inch IPDS piping system. Fmm pipe-joint aligning clamps F Figure B General engineer construction units are augmented with specialized engineer units to accomplish the pipeline- construction mission.

The kit is made up of two large suitcases and two pipe stands. This is a portable machine used to cut and groove nonstandard lengths of aluminum or steel pipe. This is standard, nestable, steel corrugated pipe used for protecting pipelines located under roadways to minimize damage from the weight of passing vehicles.