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Discussion in ‘ The mystical and Paranormal ‘ started by padraigAug 13, Log in or Sign up. When the Devil Attacks. In the lives of the saints there are many, many instance sof the devil attacking people in prayer. But sometimes these can provide moents that touch, moments of humour and moments that provide insights from beyond the veil. Here are a few. One time when Padre Pio was attacked abd badly beaten and eft on the ground he was found with his head on a pillow.

One of the Brothers asked him who had placed the pillow under his head and he replied that the Virgin herself had come and placed it there. The brother in the Monastery were kept awake everynight when the devil attacked and beat Padre Pio so the Superior asked Padre Pio to request from God that the devil when he attacked do so quietly so the rest of them could get some sleep.

From then on their was no noisejust a beaten saint. I always found it slightly amusing that Padre Pio was kinda left too it.

Francesco Vaiasuso (Author of La mia possessione)

Frank MarkusYellowcoffeecupHeavenlyHosts and 3 others like this. When the Cure of Ars was first attacked by the devil he did so by making all kind of weird noises around the Reocry, including the sound of horses and a carriage on the cobblestones outside. St John Vianney got a local man with a shotgun to deter what he thought was burgalrs.

But the poor guy looked out and when he looked out the wdonw the noises were still there but no burglars. Both the saint and the poor guy with the shotgun knew at once it was not humans they were dealing with and the shotgun was useless.

The Cure of Ars quietly asked the terrified poszessione to leave. I sometimes picture the poor man face as he looked out the windoow and saw a carriage of horses that was not there. Frank MarkusYellowcoffeecupSeagrace and 4 others like this. AEDAug 14, Frank MarkusBooklady francwsco, Seagrace and 3 others like this.

St Gemma Galgani: Exorcisms & the intercession of St Gemma Galgani

HeavenlyHostsAug 14, Booklady and gracia like this. Frank MarkusYellowcoffeecupSeagrace and 2 others like this. Another one I found a little bit funny was St Gerard Majella a Redmptroist lay brother who was frequently attacked. One time the devil dragged him along the corridor at high speed while he lay on his mattress. I would love to have seen the faces of anyone watching this. Frank MarkusTanker and HeavenlyHosts like this. Two good posts on’Spirt Daily’ and’Spirit Digest’, alnong the same lines.


Gemma Galgani Relic A fierce female dragon slayer! Gemma Galgani died at the young age of 25 on April 11, Feast Daybut she lived an extraordinary life. She wanted to be a Passionist religious nun but was not accepted due to her health so she joined the lay Passionist association and took private vows as a consecrated virgin.

She could see her guardian angel and received the stigmata on June 8, She is the patron saint of those struggling with temptations to impurity and those seeking purity of heart as well as students, pharmacists, paratroopers, parachutists, loss of parents, those suffering back injury, back pain, headaches, and migraines.

Oh, if only all sinners would come to Thy Heart!

Come sinners, do not be afraid! The sword of Justice cannot reach you Here! Prepare yourself, my daughter, the demon at My orders will be the one that will add the last touch to my plan that I will accomplish in you, that is, your sanctification. Yes, here on earth, the devil makes us agonize and suffer, but it makes us gain much glory in Heaven as now St. Gemma is one of the most powerful dragon slayers that exorcists invoke via her relics.

Her spiritual director Venerable Fr.

What did you obtain from that? You increased her sanctity! Padre Alfredo Pallotta C. She was present fraancesco help me in fighting the Fiend who had so often appeared in her life.

Francesco Vaiasuso

As soon as St. John Paul II arrive the devil flees.

Finally many an exorcist in America like Fr. Jeffery Grob, use a relic of St. Gemma for exorcism and protection. To read a book about her Order Here or to obtain a relic of St. Something’s off and you can’t nail it down. You’re swimming through mud, and nothing makes sense.

Finally, the light bulb goes off in your mind; you’re under spiritual attack. Stuff is going on in the unseen realm, and it’s affecting you. The cloak of darkness over your mind is a common symptom of the fog of war aptly so named by John Eldredge. Often our most dramatic challenges come after a spiritual high or significant progress. If you don’t recognize it for what it is, the attack may take you down.

Understanding what it feels like when under spiritual attack is a wonderful key, allowing you to get your fight back. Jesus said, “The thief does not come, except to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” John So if there’s stealing, killing and destroying going on, you can be certain the enemy is at work. Jesus always gives life.

The enemy will use any means he can to mess with us as God’s children. Here are three that, if you become alert to them, can save you a great deal of distress. Three Characteristics of Satan’s Attacks 1. Confusion God will not usually add His voice to a cacophony of sound in your head, your life, the church or the world at large. God does not use confusion to drive or oppress you. It’s the enemy who darkens, messes with and confuses our minds 2 Cor. The Holy Spirit may stir up your mind in order to correct some wrong attitude or behavior or to press you forward in your mission for God, but He will never cause a cloud of confusion and darkness in your mind.


If that’s what you’re feeling, it’s Satan’s work, not God’s.

When the Devil Attacks.

Quit trying to figure things out when your mind is filled with confusion. Don’t keep vaiasudo playing into the enemy’s hand and accepting the confusion he is trying to bring.

Quite literally, stop thinking! Put up ;ossessione mental stop sign, and stop. Distract yourself if need be. Deliberately put your mind somewhere else. Choose somewhere peaceful such as nature, calming music, worshipping God or listening prayer. Let your mind become still, and then you will be able to hear God’s voice. Condemnation Oh, don’t you love the verse, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Rom.

We are set free! And yet the Holy Spirit is not finished with us yet. We have growing up to do. Parts of our character need to be changed. The Holy Spirit is the one who convicts us when we sin and need to be corrected. Condemnation from the enemy and conviction from the Holy Spirit may appear somewhat similar from the outside, but they could not feel more different. And their results are as opposite as life and death. Condemnation draws you downward.

It’s hopeless, dark and holds you in the past. It feels like the end. Conviction from the Holy Spirit draws you upward. There is hope, light and a focus on your future.

It points the way to receiving God’s forgiveness and provides strength francesc go forward. It feels like the beginning. Go back to Scripture. If you are feeling conviction from the Holy Spirit you will know what to do.

Ask for God’s forgiveness. Make things right with others to the degree it is within your power to do so. And then get on with the mission God has given you to do!