Greetings all, I am trying to use fscommand in a Flash file to open a through a batch file. The ActionScript in my Flash movie is attached to a button. Fscommand EXEC Tutourial (executing external files). Yo, people! Boy, what a day I’ve had. I went all over the Flash Kit boards, looking for help. fscommand(“exec”,” /C start “); I have pdf files in the root directory with the projector file as well as a sub directory called ‘fscommand’.

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I don’t know why a flash projector can not open another one!! Is very limited in comparison to AIR. On a button, I have the following actions: Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community. The last fscomman doesn’t really concern us, but if you’re trying to test your EXEC calls, being aware of it will save you some frustration.

fscommand(“exec”,”” | Adobe Community

Fscommand Exec will only work if you publish your Flash file as. Hope that can help. Boy, what a day I’ve had. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Thank you so much, I needed to finish a list minute job and this helped gscommand so much!

So the answer might be the case but I don’t know. Your SWF Studio projectors will be able fsommand pass arguments to external applications and you won’t have to put the executables you want to run in the fscommand sandbox folder.


Conquering FSCommand EXEC

You saved my behind! However, I am using Flash 5 and have tried this on several computers where there is a variation between Player 5 and 6. If a BAT file with the same name can’t be found, proxy will just fail silently. You cannot create subfolders within the fscommand folder and call executables in those subfolders. It’s easy to join and it’s free. You can use getURL to open most documents, but sometimes the document opens behind the projector.

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I didn’t try that.

I have trouble with my folder structure, take fscommans look: Here’s what I have working:. The script you need to run is called “fscommand” and it has to go on a button. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Quick Navigation ActionScript 2.

Definitely worth a read.

You know, so bitmaps aren’t all pixelated. Thank you once again. Just what I needed It’s probably used in their other installers as well, I just ezec have them. You don’t need to be a BAT file wizard to do this, the simple one-liner below let’s call it mydoc.

Opening external exe file via fscommand Ask Question. The macromedia documentation is very vague on fscommand exec, glad to have come upon eexc post. In MX, it will only call exe files located in a directory called “exec” which is one branch down from where the flash movie is stored.


Anyone got any ideas because if I can’t get this to work then the menu I’m working on is pretty pointless Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: You don’t have to store the files you want to open in the fscommand folder, but for your first test this makes things easier.

Anyone know why this doesn’t work? Just use the getURL function instead of the fscommand function. Do you have a difficult problem you need help with? The EXEC fscommand could be used to launch a helper application, but unfortunately the EXEC fscommand doesn’t allow you to pass parameters to external applications so you have no way to tell the outside world which file you want to open.

So, our batch file is obviously calling the nameaddress One solution to get around the limitations of the EXEC fscommand is to create one exectuable file for each file that you want to open, but what can you do if you don’t know how to make EXE files? You may have to register before you can post: Close fsvommand window and log in. This is the same command as I have used before and it worked fine.