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Use the coals with the stove. Take the metal pipe.

Go to the zoo and soak the baguette in the milk can. Return to statue and take the spirit level. Use the left button to set the left disc so all three openings overlap to reveal a niche.

Use the dairy for checking immediate broad objectives as well as for hints for puzzles. Ask the Chinese man to bake you a cookie with that message.

Use the remaining aluminium foil with the molehill below the stand to redirect the beam. Add the cheese to the vase. Olsen gives you the lottery ball. Go to the corridor of cabins 4 and 5. It contains insulated pliers. The cleaner has swept the streets. Use the photo with the GameGirl to get illuminated photo. Fill a bongo drum with water from the leak.


tunguxka Jump to the lowest floor. Puritas Cordis Headquarters Take the mouldy apple. Walk down the jungle path, led by the monkey – oops! Look at the tree, and the nest. Give the poster to the porter.

The light beam is cut off by the signpost pointing to the ruins, on the screen with the trailer. Look at the lecture schedule on the wall. Use the tunguskx photo with Nina. Ask him for a raspberry. Use the tent poles to nudge the rafflesia closer to the guard.

Go to the park. Fix the chain to the girder. Odd number larger than 1, has Nina trapped – 9 The bars on the window above Third digit: Geheimaktee cursor indicates possible interactions with people and objects.

Knock on the door to talk to the officer. Cross to the other side of the beach.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

Put the hula hoop in the crack in the ground. Take the flashlight from the wall next to cabin 5. Gatineau, France Talk to the surveyor. Leave the cabin to sort out the matter of exchanged suitcases. Enter the laundry room and take the fabric from the basket.


Look at the wall painting. Turn the sign thrice left till it is aligned with the beam.

Take some marzipan potatoes from the bowl on the counter. Nina goes to the nearby bridge first. A strange man invites Nina to dinner to discuss the events on the ship.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Use extended cleaning utensils on the dirty window. Take the candle and stick from the compost heap. The beam is now pointing to the pile of boulders on the screen with the surveyor.