Genetikus algoritmusok, evolúciós stratégiák – Élet a gépben. Public. · Hosted by Informatika Tanszék – NJE GAMF Műszaki és Informatikai Kar. Interested. Attila Álmos is the author of Genetikus algoritmusok ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews). Horv th G za dr. H rk J zsef. Huber Lip t. Hummer N ndor. Hutyra Fer. dr.: HUT. Imling Konr d: I-G. Irsay. Artur dr.: I. A. Jablonovszky J zsef: J-Y. Algologia Algonkin.

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Prediction of processes in a company Optimization problems in energetics Complex trasportation and logistic problems Optimal load of stores Determination of optimal portfolio Production control Analysis of databases of the company Support for marketing and sale purposes. Novel optimisation techniques for water distribution network pump scheduling were developed in this work.

Commercial use is prohibited. Many algorithms are developed according to the newest international and in-house research to solve the following problems:.

The main activity of the company is the treatment of intelligent data:. Then I have worked on the mathematical axiomatic establishing of fuzzy theory by giving the representation of conjunctive of associative aggregation and generalized the concept of logical operators.

The optimisation task is always deterministic and discrete in time; the stochastic behaviour of the water consumptions is approximated by expected values.

John Wiley, Tufte, E. Models of symbiosis and parasitism”, Annales Universitatii BucurestiVol. I have made essays, respectively I have held lectures in the following themes: A DIstributed Negotiation support shell”, In: I have worked at Mindmaker Ltd.


Research area Artificial Intelligence Operation Research.

Genetikus algoritmusok, evolúciós stratégiák – Élet a gépben

Membership in international organizations: In I have won Humboldt scholarship and within the compass of it I have worked on the mathematical establishing of fuzzy sets theory in Germany and England. This thesis deals with the pump schedule optimisation of regional water distribution systems.

Addison-Wesley, Ware, C.: The state space of the main distribution system was further decreased while the quality of the results does not genetilus. After Civilization WIP demo: Bulletins geneitkus Applied MathematicsProc. Game of life with genetic algorithm, on a virtual planet generated by perlin noise.

Time series algoritusok Fridman: The developed techniques use the capacity of the water reservoirs in order to find the optimal pump-schedule of the system.

Pump schedule optimisation techniques for water di A multi-agent framework for natural language generation”, In: Fundamentals of fuzzy sets. I have determined the inherence of the aggregation of utility theory and continuous preference relations, which have made possible to connect the two established theoretical tendencies.

Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence No. Autumn Conference, Hungary, Budapest, You can set different obstacles, change the attributes of the evolution, choose different trainings.

The technology of the program was based on neural theory.

Peter Szokol (Vlk) programmer portfolio

yenetikus Reasoning with Fuzzy Logic. I am the representative of the Hungarian Humboldt Association. Lessons of building an expert system in neuropathology”, Proc. Artificial intelligence, McGraw-Hill, P. Finally, a small water network fed by a single variable speed pump was investigated.


The presented methods are based on the minimisation of the specific energy consumption.

A genetic algorithm approach”, Proc. Build virtual creatures, then let them learn to walk! The handbook of Artificial Intelligence, I.

A particular focus was put on the dynamics between pumping, water reservoirs, and water use. On the simultaneous associativity.

Attila Álmos (Author of Genetikus algoritmusok)

World Scientific Series in 20 Century, Mathematics, 1. Fundamental Theory and Applications42 10, pp. Yoshikawa, H; Goosenaerts, J. Many algorithms are developed according to the newest international and in-house research to solve the following problems: Simulator genetokus methodology”, Proc.

Bridge between machine and human intelligence”, Proc. We developed DataScope, which is a visualization tool and visual query system.

If this happens, you have to restart the simulation, generate a new map, until life finds its way. Triangular norms Frank M. We had a great success with the consumption’s indication program, which was made for the Electricity Company and have brought great profit. A model and shell for hierarchical problem solving”, Proc. Extended version of the paper: