The battle of Badr was the most important among the Islamic battles of Destiny. For the first time the followers of the new faith were put into a serious test. The Battle of Badr is one of the greatest and most famous battles of Islam and those who participated in it enjoyed a special distinction amongst the Muslims. Battle of Badr or Jang-e-Badr, is remembered as the most In case of Ghazwa-e -badar fidya was paid for illetrate prisoners of war and those.

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The signs of victory of the Muslims began to appear soon. After the battle Muhammad returned to Medina.

The Battle of Badr

The battle itself only lasted a few hours and was over by the early afternoon. The load was heavy and the heavy load could be carried only by the people to whom it belonged as he called upon Ali, Al Hamza and Obeidah Al Harith all from the clan of the Prophet to face the three warriors. Single Combats It was an old custom of the Arabs that in the beginning of a battle single combats were resorted to, and later general fighting began.

Umayyah bin Khalaf, who was one of the chiefs of Quraysh, did not wish, for some reasons, to participate in this battle and had been told that Muhammad had said: He should not be allowed to live”. Sahih Muslim, Volume 2.

It is the holiest of Muslim cities. In order to make him abjure Islam he used to make him lie on hot sand during the summer season and placed a big stone on his chest. Ali and Hamza then carried Ubayda back into the Muslim lines, where he died. The hundreds of companions of the Messenger whose hearts were filled with the faith and readiness for sacrifice. Badrhowever, it was declared that educated persons could become free if they taught ten boys how to read and guazwa.

Those who guarded the Tower of Command of the Supreme Commander claimed that they had protected the life of englisg Prophet and nothing could be more important than this.

They were two brothers ‘Utbah and Shaybah, sons ni Rabiyyah, and Walid bin ‘Utbah and all of them were fully armed. There are many Muslims there who are not aware of enlish present condition and if they come to know about the situation they will give you full support and will act till the last moments of their lives according to the agreement which they have made with you”.


The Prophet prayed for Sa’d Ma’az and ordered the construction of a shelter on the mound, which should overlook the field, and the seat of command should be transferred there. Thereafter he enquired from them about the chiefs of Quraysh.

However, Quraysh and their supporters were very much grieved and disturbed. He came, sat by the side of Abu Lahab, and gave a detailed account of the happenings at Badr.

All three kafirs were slain by the Muslims in single combat. The views which were expressed had an individual aspect. For the first 13 years of Islam, despite intense persecution, the Muslims did not fight Quraysh. II, page and Tarikh-i Kamil, vol.

When Musa asked them abdar perform jihad they said to him: The rise of Islam against the Pagan tribes of Mecca was a vital development in military history, as well as in the history of religion and society.

Others could also purchase their freedom by paying an amount ranging from one thousand dirhams to four thousand dirhams.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: In the circumstances any talk about the defeat of the Muslims and setting up of a shelter for the Prophet and stationing swift camels near the shelter would have been out of place.

I have also been informed that Quraysh moved out of Makkah ghazwx such and such day.

Important Events: The Battle of Badr | Inside Islam

In later days, the battle of Badr became so significant that Ibn Ishaq included a complete name-by-name roster of the Muslim army in his biography of Muhammad. That was the reason why the Prophet took off and gave his own shirt to ‘Abdullah. Regard for the rights of two groups of persons was necessary. While he was on the way, the Prophet divided the booty equally. Firstly, to establish peace treaties with the tribes surrounding Medina, especially with gbazwa from whom the Meccans could derive most advantage against the Muslims.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Battle of Badr is one of the few battles explicitly discussed in the Quran.

Fahrist-i Najashi, page 5. The Engliah hit the stick on his belly and said: For the benefit of future generations, therefore, a historian should steer clear of all fanaticism. After burying the martyrs the Prophet performed afternoon prayers at that place and came out of the desert of Badr before sunset. Aswad Muttalib felt strong indignation on account of losing three of his sons. Why are they considered significant?


The forces of Quraysh were centralized at a certain engllish in Badr, but they were not aware of the strength of the Muslims. A and Hazrat Kn R. The death of Amr ibn Hashim, as well as many other Quraishi nobles [66] gave Abu Sufyan the opportunity, almost by default, to become chief of the Quraish. At the same time the polytheists and the Jews were very much perturbed and unnerved, because they never expected that the Muslims would englsh blessed with such a victory.

Muhammad gave the order to charge, throwing stones at his enemies in a traditional Arabic gesture. They were so at Badr and at the following battles.

Important Events: The Battle of Badr

Suddenly he heard the wailings of a woman. It was an old custom of the Arabs that in the beginning of a battle single combats were resorted to, and later general fighting began. The importance of acquiring information about the conditions of the enemy and knowledge of his military secrets, and war strategy and the force which he brings in the field is still there.

The information received was as under: Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. When the word reached the Muslim army about the departure of the Meccan army, Muhammad immediately called a council of warsince there was still time to retreat and because many of the fighters there were recent converts called Ansar or “Helpers” to distinguish them from the Quraishi Muslims who had only pledged to defend Medina.

The rules of equity and justice demanded that the entire army should have shared the booty, because all had worked and shouldered responsibility and none of the individuals could achieve anything unless others were also active.

Ihe information was collected from different sources in the following ways:.