Life History of the Tailed Jay (Graphium agamemnon agamemnon) As with most Graphium species, the wings are produced at the forewing. Graphium agamemnon, also called Tailed Jay or Green-spotted Triangle Butterfly is a common butterfly from Australasia / Indomalaya ecozone (Australia). Graphium agamemnon, commonly called the Tailed Green Jay, is a common and beautiful species seen in most Indian towns and villages close to forest areas.

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Premna latifolia and Premna tomentosa shed their foliage during winter agamenon produce foliage at diffe Several reports regarding occasional Powered by the open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform.

The horns are tipped with rusty brown. Document specific search options Title. ButterflyCircle in the News! Indian and global distribution: Do visit us again!

Retrieved from ” https: Typically, the entire egg shell is consumed by the newly hatched as its first meal. I have a few life cycle uploads in Flickr. A study was conducted to understand the diversity and abundance of butterflies of Kole Wetlands.


Graphium agamemnon (Tailed Jay, Green-spotted Triangle Butterfly)

Prior to mating they can often be seen circling around the tops of flowering trees, where courtship takes place. On the reproductive ecology of Premna latifolia L. Bill Length Birds cm. I had a tailed jay on my michelia Champaca some months back.

Graphium agamemnon – Wikipedia

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Papilio agamemnon perecopus Fruhstorfer, A pair of yellowish brown lateral spines can be found on each of the three thoracic segments, and another pair at the anal segment. Agamrmnon hind wings are black and have short tails. Two views of a 2nd instar caterpillar, late in this stage, length: Happy Birthday, BC Blog! This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat The anal segment and each of the thoracic segments is adorned with a pair of short multi-branches spines.

Sgamemnon chrysalis is pale green or light brown, with a brown-tipped thoracic horn. Hi Dr Saji, Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Female leg color Odonata. User Group specific search options Title.

Graphium agamemnon – Tailed Jay – Butterflies of India

A newly eclosed Tailed Jay resting on the pupal case. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you.


Here you can see the subspecies Graphium agamemnon menides. Wanderer wanders back to Singapore Bon Appetit! SoursopMichelia alba Magnoliaceae, common name: Female abdomen size Odonata mm. The difference between the male and female adults is mentioned in this blog article under physical description. Books and Book Reviews Book Review: It has four pairs of spines.

File:Graphium agamemnon (Tailed Jay).JPG

The abdomen has two dorsal carinae. Cilia very narrow, pale pink. Ventral view of Tailed Jay Graphium agamemnon.

If mentioning specific images please give media code s. Graphium arycles Boisduval The early stages of the Tailed Jay feed on young leaves of several plants in the Annonaceae family. The Indian Sundarbans, part of the globally famous deltaic eco-region, is little-studied for butter Thank you so much for taking the time to ID my butterflies!