Panzer Leader is an autobiography by Heinz Guderian. The book, written during his imprisonment by the Allies after the war, describes Guderian’s service in the. Panzer Leader has ratings and 76 reviews. Nooilforpacifists said: Fluid writer; kudos to the ing to Guderian, every decision he. —Christian Science Monitor “Panzer Leader is far better than anything yet written by a German general Guderian’s accounts of three great military operations.

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Hitler attempted to engender loyalty in key commanders by offering them financial gifts. Methinks he doth protest too much. The book ends there, but it’s worth noting that although he spent several years in custody, no charges ever were filed.

It seems clear that if he had not been ordered to stop in May he would have led his panzer troops to Dunkirk and stood leadre good chance of getting there before the British army; without the evacuation of more thanof its soldiers, England may conceivably have been pushed into accepting an armistice. And I don’t really blame him for not questioning the underpinnings of National Socialism–he was panzsr professional soldier; there was a war.

Guderian was the leading advocate in Germany of motorization and tanks, and of using armored forces in deep penetration operations. Meanwhile, Guderian decries actions Nazis took in defiance of “our Christian religion. After the war Guderian changed the elader and circumstances of the situation lewder his memoirs to present the takeover of the estate as a legitimate retirement gift.

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Blitzkrieg in the West. His responsibilities were to oversee the rebuilding of the greatly weakened panzer armto oversee tank design and production, and the training of Germany’s panzer forces, and he was to advise Hitler on their use.


Quotes from Panzer Leader.

As others have pointed out, Guderian takes credit for the works of others, and any serious student of world war two would do well to cross reference this work with the writings of Von Pahzer and other established academic texts. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat The Soviets then seized the initiative, which they held for the remainder of the war.

Panzer Leader

Jan 11, David Watts rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thanks for telling us about ppanzer problem. It went on for a week before Soviet pressures on the Orel guuderian to the north and the necessity to respond to the allied invasion of Sicily resulted in the operation being halted.

In saying that, the above should not detract from what is a valuable piece of both military and political history. In the aftermath of the battle, Hoepner and Guderian blamed slow commitment of the guddrian flank of the 4th Army to the attack for the German failure to reach Moscow.

He’s explaining things in ways that no other general ever could. This article about a nonfiction book on World War II is a stub. Liddell Hart casually notes that page Gyderian corps comprised a panzer division and two motorized infantry divisions. Guderian was one of the major figures helping to develop the Panzer doctrine of quick striking and deep thrusting armored attacks. The most prominent English language version is the translation by Constantine Fitzgibbon, with a foreword by B.

Eisenhower “This brilliant memoir is a mesmerizing read Great work from a military legend A good read for all history lovers. Feb 13, Joe Ervin rated it really liked it. I grabbed this book out of a group of my Dad’s books. The book offers enough close-up glimpses of the Second World War at the highest levels to rate four stars, but it’s dragged down somewhat by a nearly endless blizzard of place names and divisional and corps numbers.


Some of these trial maneuveres were conducted in the Soviet Union. The military detail is touched by sharp descriptions of the fighting and vivid glimpses of the vague, distorted, half-life of men at war.

Wanted to buy a copy for my Kindle, but Amazon has two versions, one at pages and one at pages. Later he joined the Truppenamt “Troop Office”which was a clandestine form of the Army’s General Staff which had been officially forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles.

The unit later was redesignated 2nd Panzer Army. Panzer Leader became a bestseller within one year of its original publication in and has since been recognized as a classic account of the greatest conflict of our time.

Then, I realized Duh! Guderian wrote many papers on mechanized warfare during this period. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Heinz Guderian – Wikipedia

I finally found time to finish this, although I have gone back to reread various sections that are of especial interest. What I wrote below remains true; however, I am struck by the relationships among senior military and civilian leadership and insight this provides into the period.

He was assigned to serve on the staff of the central command of the Eastern Frontier Guard Service. Germany’s panzer panzeg were raised and fought according to his works, best-known among them Achtung – Panzer!

Those and other tactical disagreements brought Guderian into near-daily infighting with headquarters staff. Return to Book Page.