Hikayat Robbi Bin Ahmad. Uploaded by. Robbi Bin Ahmad. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. JMBRAS, VOL. 84, Part 2 (), pp. 45–65 The Hikayat Patani: The Kingdom of Patani in the Malay and Thai Political World1 NATHAN PORATH This paper. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Hikayat Patani the Story of Patani | The stimulus for the joint venture of which the present book is the visible result was.

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The monarchy had undergone severe succession disputes leaving many people dead. In King Prasat Thong himself headed an army to attack Lampang, one of the petty kingdoms that had stopped paying tribute to him. What is generally called the mandala system in which a central city is circled by four town centres, which in turn are circled by a growing number of town centres in an expanding hierarchy of centres, is an ideal representation of the mimetic power relationship between kings and chiefs, kingdoms and chiefdoms and their town centres.

The hikayat makes a very important historical comment that this was the first time the governor of Ligor and Siam had attacked Patani. At one point in the story Dang Sirat, a dancer, wanted the prince to beat the Johor drums for her and install her as a raja.

Hikayat Patani

Jan 07, Syalikh marked it as to-read. Remember me on this computer. The founding rajas of the kingdom were originally from an paatani king- dom capital, which the text calls Kota Maligai citadel and it was here that the ancestors of the rajas of the later kingdom of Patani originally resided.

Following a description of an attack on Patani by Palembang,54 the hikayat describes the restoration of relations with Ayutthaya. The king of Ayutthaya is said to have received the sultan as his guest and showered him with honours. Collected Articles, Chiang Mai: Bradley reminds us that Malay hikayats were composed by court scribes for reasons of political legitimation.


Through mimetic tropes the hikayat seems to be hinting the reason for this.

When his servants ask him where they will install this woman he retorts that they should 34 Teeuw and Wyatt For this reason the Patani regents could not recognise him as a legal king hikzyat as a tyrannical conqueror to whom the patanl did not need to pay homage.

Memes Andiany marked it as to-read Nov 10, You are commenting using your WordPress. Hence this early version of the hikayat is not merely a historical text but also a symbolically political-cultural text. Ligor in the south was also rebelling.

Hikayat Patani. The story of Patani, by A. Teeuw [and] D. K. Wyat | Patani Conflicts

The recovery from the illness symbolizes a re-establishment of this relationship. Fraser mentions a similar legend, stating that the soldiers of Patani would mingle unnoticed with the Siamese soldiers after the fighting. No explanation is given for the emergence of the tradition of female rulership, so one must assume the authors of the chronicle thought the matter irrelevant.

He keeps his kris beside him wherever he goes and orders his forty children and grandchildren to keep their eyes focused on him so as to keep him secure in his identity when in the presence of his superior.

Reading the text from an ethnicist perspective would all too easily lead us to conclude that the hikayat is trying to tell us, via the mouth of Sultan Mudhaffar Syah, that Patani should exist as a state apart from Ayutthaya. Instead, through mimetic speech speaking in the name of the sultan himselfpatami composer is clearly affirming friendship and alliance with Ayut- thaya. In the old Malay world the gong was also a means of defining boundaries—as far as the sound of the gong could be heard the boundaries patqni the kingdom were delineated.

A number of monarchs and chiefs disagreed with patanl coronation of Prasat Thong. Once again, the stories concentrate on the deeds of pwtani rulers of Pattani, though this section is filled with the succession conflict and declining economic realities evident in the region after Top Blog at WordPress. Nurul Afiqah marked it as to-read Jun 20, Within the latter type of relationship I would add there were at least three types.


Of course there was semi-civilizational cultural affinity with other Malay kingdoms and it was precisely because of this that the question of identity was raised for the purpose of fracturing resemblances. Whereas most other texts omit certain features in this text for whatever reason, we do not know whether this text itself was structured along the lines of an even earlier text.

Hikayat Patani. The story of Patani by Andries Teeuw | LibraryThing

The gongs were beaten in every corner of the kingdom and a Muslim merchant Shaykh Said from Pasai took up the challenge on the condition that the raja should convert to Islam if he hikayaf healed. Awan Sufi rated it really liked it Jul 22, Further, all the evidence suggests that during this period Malacca was a threat to Patani, which even aided Ayutthaya in an attack on Malacca. The hikayat, however, says that the reason Okphaya Deca went to war was because the queen and Raja Kuning jilted him in his absence.

In relation to Johor it fractures mimetic similarity. Siti Maftukha marked it as to-read Apr 24, Farhan Rosyid added it Apr 29, The story of Patani, by A. In the Malay-speaking world paatani kingdom of Patani was a relatively recent political entity.

Bendaharas of Pattani This section gives a brief account of the bendaharas prime ministers or royal treasurers who served the rulers of Pattani. From here on events in the text portray the Johoreans, who were also with a large Acehnese contingent, as untrustworthy scoundrels, doing their own bidding without any civilized consideration for the kingdom that hosted them.