If B is a normal matrix and B=U*AU with U unitary and A = diag(X,, ,Xn), show \lS-IABS\I. = ||matrix norm. Create matrix like this template called Industry Attractiveness-Business Strength Matrix in minutes with SmartDraw. SmartDraw includes matrix templates you. As depicted in Figure below, the GE Matrix includes nine cells based on long- term industry attractiveness and business strength/competitive position. The GE.

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By confronting material pertaining to early manuals with first-hand accounts of rituals in chronicles, the paper will try to contribute to our understanding of what kind of texts ritual manuals are, how they are deployed, and how the historical memory they contain may differ or overlap with that of other textual genres.

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What is knowledge, what is power, and how is their relationship conceptualized in Buddhist thought? Through fieldwork conducted in the international meditation centers in Thailand, this presentation illustrates the lasting effects of international travel to meditation centers, which can result in meditation teachers traveling abroad to teach new communities.

Public opinion was crucial for those monastic communities that were economically dependent on the laity. This illustrates, as most scholars assert, an exclusively Sino-influenced design.

In addition, some examples of early Tibetan art raise the question of the limits of authenticity itself. This may tell us that some later tantric masters wished they would have written natrix works as well.

When Argument Becomes Perfume: Although playing a major role in art historical work, issues of authenticity may be taught in an academic magrix and discussed at conferences, but for legal reasons are rarely published unless they have been in a museum collection for considerable time. In my panel contribution I will present a selected group of objects of doubtful authenticity challenging common suppositions concerning their upcoming, their artistic quality, and the reliability of technical analyses to prove the authenticity of an object.

The sophisticated author of a text does not only communicate with his readers outside the text, but he will also try to shape the communication that takes place within the text.


These include laborers such as scribes, proofreaders, and assemblers, as well as administrators responsible for keeping records and coordinating with other offices.

This investigation will give us a clue to the process of integration of Madhyamaka thought and Buddhist logic in the early eighth century. Peng Bangming, curator of the rare books section of the Sichuan Provincial Library, which houses an authentic print of the Hongwu Southern Canon.

They belong to different periods and different regions. A clear example of such an integrative vision is found in the writings of kLong chen rab ‘byams pa, the famous 14th century Tibetan teacher. The archaeological material in the oasis of Khotan has provided significant traces of the tradition of representing Buddhist legends in Khotanese artistic production: Attention will be paid on economic activities and monastic administration in the local monasteries by a brief reflection of the studies of the economic law in Vinaya texts.

This paper will revisit these readings in order to establish, to the extent possible, a viable interpretation of the record. As a historian of religion, I am interested in the commentaries as historical documents in their own right, produced in a separate socio-historical milieu. Inverting a matrix is expensive, so we keep a forward transformation matrix and a reverse transformation matrix.

This paper will investigate historical documents, structures, and religious purposes of the Chulamani Cetiya. Those monks were not necessarily practitioners of this scripture. Multipy the forward and reverse matrix and verify that the result is the identity matrix. At the central portion, there is a central multi-sub-cornered projection or Bhadra offset.

I suspect that the origin of some of these beliefs is in Central Asia.

Indeed to unfold his conception, Haribhadra distinguishes two kinds of knowledge that are also two stages of knowledge, the theoretical stage of knowledge and the mastered stage of knowledge. Since these languages had a different phonemic structure, their speakers were not able to hear or repeat some of the MI phonemes.

The tension between gradual and simultaneous approaches to the realization of the unconditioned is well attested in Buddhist history. It is well-known that tantric Buddhists claim superiority of tantric Buddhism to non-tantric Buddhism, but it is still uncertain in many respects how they made this claim.

Furthermore, it is highlighted in an intriguing manner in the literature of Mulasarvastivada. This function combines transformations in this way, though it reverses the list first so the transformations take effect in their expected order.


I have been working with Prof.


How many Chinese manuscripts are there in the Dunhuang corpus? During the sixteenth century such claims came under criticism. Afterwards, I visited Beibei Library twice, in and in This catalyzed the development of the koine in a certain direction — towards simplification, eliminating some of the phonemic distinctions of MI, and making it more intelligible to a wider audience.

This process of observing, analyzing and cultivating dispassion towards these sensory objects and thoughts also results in knowledge of and power over them. Moreover, the colophons contain rich information on various aspects of cultural history. Brendan Gillon McGill University on producing the first English translation of the Fangbianxinlun for some time by now and we now have the first draft of the complete translation of the text.

The Tibetan bSam yas debate may be regarded as the outcome of three related factors: This speaks to a conception of freedom and self-control well beyond what most modern philosophers have in mind when they debate the existence of free will, but it leads, somewhat paradoxically, to a kind of freedom some would consider antithetical to free will, the freedom to experience one’s own actions without identifying as the agent, to see them as the mere result of various mental and physical events.

I attempt to demonstrate the inadequacy of a widely accepted translation of this term, namely, matrx examination or correct analysiswhile arguing for an alternative translation: Useful for cost heuristics when attempting to build ,atrix bounding box heirarchies. Some even believed that the followers of the Buddha were involved in theft and sexual misdemeanour.

The theory of the decline of the dharma is crucial to the rise of Pure Land Buddhism in East Asia, but what is its relationship to the Chan tradition?