When I got home I sat down at my desk and after a few hours Tango Jalousie was finished.” The title Jacob Gade lived to experience this world-wide success. The incomes that Jacob Gade earned with his Tango Jalousie, and with several other compositions, made ​​him wealthy and those incomes were, and still are, . Jacob Gade is the composer behind what is probably the most frequently played piece of Danish music of all: Jalousie. Tango Tsigane () – better known as.

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He dreamed of being an orchestra conductor, and of writing waltzes, by then he was convinced that it was the best music in the world.

Jacob Gade

Gade was already 30 and was too old to become a concert instrumentalist of classical music. In Dacapo Recordings published tangi record with a part of his works—some unpublished—, performed by the Odense Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Mathias Aeschbacher featuring the soloist Bjarne Hansen on violin. Views Read Edit View history. As late as the s it was estimated that every minute of the day someone somewhere in the world was playing Tango Jalousie ; only the Beatles’ Yesterday could for a time match its popularity – and till this day it’s still one gzde the most often played tunes in the world according to The annual Performing Rights Society.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The composer claimed that the mood of the piece had been inspired by his reading a sensational news report of a crime of passion, and ‘jealousy’ became fixed in his mind.


In Great Britain, the then famous orchestra led by Rango Bright presented his vocalist Monterrey his true name was Montgomery singing a lyric by E. In an interview two years before his death, Fiedler recalled that Gade came especially to Boston jaloudie thank him for the recording.

In our [ who? His juvenile dream was coming true. He might have been an attraction because only a year later he was invited to Copenhagen to become a soloist in the orchestra of the Tivoli Garden, a famous amusement park. Some time before, because of the same reason he had not been accepted in the Royal Conservatory of Danish Music.

The royalties now fund a foundation for young musicians.

The tango can be regarded as falling into two main parts, the first characterized by the temperamental theme in d minor and the second by the lyrical, refrain-like Jxcob major melody which is repeated. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. His career as orchestra leader and player before public audiences ended by his own decision.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Tango Jalousie | Edition Svitzer

Since then the piece has continued to enjoy a phenomenal success with innumerable other recordings and performances. Way and so appeared many others of the kind.

He endured it by settling on the Fiskerleje island where he continued composing. When he drew up his will inhe included his wish that all his jalousiee and future royalties were granted to a foundation that had to be created under his name to sponsor young talented musicians.


The royalties allowed Gade to devote himself to composition full-time for the rest of his life. Written to accompany the silent era blockbuster Son of Zorro when Gade was leader of the orchestra of the Palads Cinema[2] the tango premiered on 14 September and was an instant international hit.

His golden period lasted until when sound films arrived.

As composer he was in a period when he wrote waltzes with a title in French. Related publications Tango for Naoko. Its full title is Jalousie ‘Tango Tzigane’ Jealousy ‘Gypsy Tango’ and it soon became popular around the world and is today a classic in the modern songbook. His royalties as composer were so ample that in the 70s it was estimated that the song was played, at least, once every minute on some radio of the planet.

The number was included totally or partially in over movies, in numerous television series and on all new ways of playing back since records appeared.

Jalousie (Gade, Jacob)

Explaining that reason, he said: The New James Harry’s Choice! He had a hard time, at night, he used to sleep at the entrance of buildings, at the hall near the stairs.

There a successful waltz was born: The following day the Nazis invaded Denmark.