HOW TO GROW STEVIA. JOSEP PAMIES. 08/11/ Cultivation of stevia. Multiplication and culture. From the spring and almost to mid-August you can go. Que es la stevia? La Stevia en hoja seca en estos momentos está perseguida y apartada de la oferta comercial en toda España. Josep Pàmies Breu. Naturally sweetened with stevia, this carrot cake is particularly suitable for people . Following last year’s tour, Josep Pàmies will again be conducting a series of.

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The actual proofs of experiences in Japan will also be useful for activating towns and villages all over the world. Masaaki Takeuchi Professor emeritus of Tohoku University. The 21st century is said to be the era for food and environment. These are the global themes for the mankind to shevia a healthy and wealthy life, and the overriding themes all the people in the world to pursue with all their wisdom combined.

I believe the author must have had penetrating eyes to point out these important problems when he wrote this book. I met the author Mr. Naohiko Sato about 10 years ago. Since then, he often visited our laboratory The laboratory of Fishery Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku Universityand inspired by his great enthusiasm to study Stevia, I decided to launch a Stevia research project in our laboratory.

A series of our examinations scientifically proved that Stevia Extract Liquid had a strong anti-oxidizing activity and a detoxifying activity against histamine, although the mechanism of such activity is still pamis be clarified. It gives us a clear impression that he is trying his best to combine the themes of food, agriculture, and health by the chain of Stevia, and to contribute towards solution of the food and environment problems the world is facing.

The author also has his strong intention, and has already started his plans in some areas in Japan, to help activate the industry and economy atevia town and village communities with Stevia to increase employment as well as to enhance health.

Las Propiedades que nos ocultan de la STEVIA | Josep Pamies blog

He is trying to carry out his plans internationally for joaep of the industry in developing paies. He is willing and spares no effort to provide all the know-how that he has acquired to these communities, and to support the unfortunate with some of returns that he will get from Stevia business.

I cannot deny that some of what are written here are still to be scientifically clarified, but I hope this book will be of any help for the development of the societies.

There are many problems with agriculture in Japan. They are deteriorated soil, too much use of agro-chemicals and chemical fertilizers, pollution of ground water, dioxin and harmful chemical contamination, suspected safety of imported gene-modified foods, too much use of antibiotics for farmed livestock and fish, etc. The biggest of all the problems is polluted foods such as vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish, with less taste and nutrition than they should originally have.

They are increasing risks to spoil our health. We cannot have real health without the change of our diet. The stevja of our diet means the change of food materials. We must act now. And we have found the solution, josfp Stevia. Its component extracted from the leaves has been widely used as a natural sweetening alternative. But I found a pamles miraculous power in the stems of Stevia. I manufactured Stevia Extract Liquid to get the power, and got the method patented.

Now Stevia powder, mixed with manure, is applied to fields, or Stevia Extract Liquid is sprayed over leaves of plants to get the exhausted soil restored with much more useful microbes and earthworms and to grow plants in a healthy way. Sugar content in fruit is increased, tastiness of rice is improved, and content of vitamins and minerals in vegetables is dtevia. On top of that, they stay fresh longer.

Stevia dissolves and detoxifies agrochemical residues in the soil or on the leaves and fruit to provide chemical-free, safe products. When Stevia is fed to domestic animals and farmed fish in powder or extract liquid, it accelerates their growth, prevents diseases, and improves the meat quality. Surprisingly, many of the farmers steiva were using Stevia materials for agricultural plants and animals started to use Stevia Extract Liquid for themselves, expecting similar good effects on plants and animals.


I received encouraging letters and faxes from them: Much encouraged by these reports, I launched joint research projects with universities and research institutes, and distributed Stevia Extract Liquid samples to many people for experimental application to confirm these cases of efficacy reported to me.

As the research and examinations went on, scientific findings on shevia efficacy were made one after another. As a result, it was found that Stevia would find a very wide range of applications in many fields. I came to have a firm belief that if Stevia was used shevia over the world, it joswp solve many problems that the world was facing, and save the earth and the life. So, I made up my mind to devote my whole life to the contribution towards solution of these problems for the earth and the life on earth.

Here is what I had in my mind on how to contribute: With cultivation of Stevia plants, production of Stevia Extract Liquid and Stevia powder, and application of these products to many fields of industry, Stevia can activate the economy and the industries in the involved communities by creating new jobs and income stevla in developing countries as well as in depopulated rural areas in Japan.

Most of the pajies in every part of the world has been exhausted by too much use of chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals for a long period, resulting in less and less fertile soil with less useful worms and microbes. Stevia products dissolve harmful chemicals in the soil and revive such josdp worms and microbes to fertile land of years ago. Stevia products increase production of agricultural and livestock products, and help solve the problem of food shortage in developing countries.

Stevia Extract Liquid contains surprisingly much sttevia anti-oxidizing ingredients to inhibit active oxygen activity, which causes various diseases and accelerates aging. It has also a strong activity to kill food-poisoning bacteria such as E. Coli O and salmonella, anti-HIV activity, and a detoxifying activity against histamine, which causes various kosep of allergy.

Stevia Extract Liquid dissolves nicotine and agrochemicals, and detoxifies dioxin. It may dissolve or detoxify other harmful chemicals as scientific research progresses. Stevia is expected to save the chemically polluted earth. Now I have a big dream. If Stevia projects are promoted all over the world and become successful with the cooperation of all the people involved, I would like to make some contributions out of the income from the Stevia business to those who are suffering from physical handicaps, poverty, famine, diseases as well as to educational promotion pmaies children in developing countries.

What is the most important right now is the integration of agriculture, food, and health. I firmly believe that Stevia can do this.

I will challenge every possibility of Pamiss that I believe in. May I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to those who have supported me in my study on Stevia as well as everybody who kindly accepted my interviews in preparing this book? The Stevia Agricultural Materials and their Effects 18 Revolution of farm produce by Stevia agricultural methods 18 Cattle, pigs, and chickens full of vitality 31 More appetite, faster growth, and more production 31 Prevents and cures animal diseases 32 Enhances the immunizing power and reduces use of antibiotics substantially 33 A big surprise for enhancing fertilization 34 Other interesting effects that Stevia materials have produced 35 Meat quality and taste much improved with surprising ingredients added 36 Stevia pork is very delicious and makes brains work better 36 Stevia eggs have less cholesterol.

Safe and good organic shevia with Stevia 40 Anti-oxidization and detoxifying histamine 40 Cattle dung is made into the best quality manure 40 Stevia promotes the growth of trees 41 An effect of Stevia materials on pine wood nematode For improving the physical constitution by Stevia 43 No real good health without change of diet 43 Risks against health from the dining table 43 Imported meat is a little dangerous 44 Very high evaluation on Stevia farm steviia in the market 46 Stevia-cultivated rice 46 Stevia pork with safety and good taste stevka Fruit and vegetable markets in Tokyo are much interested in Stevia-cultivated farm products 47 New challenges with Stevia farm products in retail markets 47 Processed foods lineup with Stevia Extract Liquid added 48 Agricultural business prevailing For the cycling agriculture business with all the members involved 50 Establishment of new agricultural corporations with Stevja 50 Active challenges have already been started in many places 50 Agricultural cooperative associations JA have also started Stevia projects 51 Stevia business in overseas countries 51 For solution of the problems of increasing population, food shortage, and environment Why does active oxygen cause all kinds of illness?


The miracle of inorganic salts 58 The protective functions in the living body that enhance its immunizing power 60 Stevia is also effective against AIDS virus HIV 62 Stevia is also effective against helicobacter pylori Overjoyed to be relieved of incurable diseases 66 Relieved of advanced joep pains and recovered from the critical condition 66 Recovery from rectal cancer 66 Recovery from colon cancer 66 Some recovery from gastric cancer 67 Subarachnoid hemorrhage jksep cured without an operation 67 Recovery from cardiac infarction 67 Recovery from intestinal obstruction 67 Recovery from IgA nephrosis 68 Fight against Allergy 68 Getting out of the severe itch 68 No more atopy 68 Free from pollinosis 69 Agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers are so threatening The soil is the foundation of agriculture.

Agricultural produce full stevka vitality comes only from good soil. Is the farmland in Japan exhausted by too much use of agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers?

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It is the fact that the modern agriculture has been developed by use of agrochemicals, chemical fertilizers, and agricultural machinery. With these weapons, farmers have won the fights against diseases, harmful worms and insects, and have reduced their labor substantially.

They have come to be ready to stably supply agricultural produce at a low cost. What are agrochemicals used for? Firstly, for mass production and kosep supply at a low cost, namely for high productivity.

Secondly, for better appearance of agricultural products. Consumers are also responsible for this. For example, they do not like worm-eaten products, vegetables not in a good shape such as bent cucumbers, or fruits having a bloom.

So, these jowep are not acceptable in vegetable and fruit markets. Farmers say that they have no choice but to use agrochemicals to produce and ship good-looking products free of worm-eaten damage to the markets.


Thirdly, for prevention of disease and insect damage to be caused by repeated cultivation of the same crop on the same ground. The increasing tendency is that farmers specialize in cultivation of one kind of farm products and continue to crop it every year.

During this repeated cultivation, the specific plant absorbs some specific nutrients in the soil, resulting in loss of the nutrient balance in the soil in the long run.

This unbalance will reduce the soil power and generate more disease injury as well as noxious insects, worms and bacteria. Hence a vicious circle of much use of agrochemicals for disinfections, further soil degradation, and more use of agro-chemicals. For example, clubroot multiplies by its resistance increased by repeated cultivation, and tends to exhibit its outbreak. To prevent this, fumigants such as methyl bromide and chloropicrin are used.

These chemicals kill harmful insects, worms and bacteria but also useful microbes in the soil. Nitrogenous fertilizers produce an immediate effect on faster growth and substantial increase of crop. But unlike organic manure, chemical fertilizers are not so good for useful microbes in the soil. Modern agriculture depends heavily on agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers as mentioned above.

But there have been many problems arising from too much use of them. Harmful substances contained in organophosphate and organochlorine agrochemicals are accumulated in the soil as a result of long use of them, and pollute farm products and underground water.

When they are taken into people, they affect their health.

One of the representative examples is an increased case of allergy such as atopic dermatitis. The agrochemical residues in farm products are reported to be one jospe the causes of carcinoma of the gall bladder and liver cancer.

Especially for growing children, the effect is more severe. According to the Environmental Working Group EWGmore than 10 million children in the world are taking in organophosphate agrochemicals nerve-poisoning insecticides every day at a higher level than the maximum level allowed for adults.

It also pointed out that too much use of chemical fertilizers, especially nitrogenous ones, is producing a grave strvia on the ecosystems.