LAURA. [Vera. Caspary] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. bce, hardcover. Tight spine. Pages and boards in overall excellent. Laura is one of the most perfect movies ever made. A mystery over a murder, unrequited love and a twist at the end come together in this film, directed by . A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Laura by Vera Caspary.

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It’s short, swift, full of witty dialogue and references to this period in time.

Laura (novel) – Wikipedia

I’m going to try very hard to separate myself from the beloved movie and think of this book as a book completely separate from the film. This is one book in the mystery genre you don’t want to miss. An inappropriate bond develops, with the much older man becoming increasingly infatuated with Laura.

I recently recommended this book to a lady I know that is part of a book club because I think it would make a fantastic discussion piece.

There’s also a police detective trying to figure it all out who becomes emotionally tangled up in who Laura was. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

A quick look at her biographical notes online offer a few suggestions and furthermore point to several autobiographical notes in her most famous novel. A coup de theater arrives way before the end of this emotional lsura, when the identity of the dead woman is discovered.

Want to Read saving…. Indeed, the leader of the free world uses a very limited dictionary, of all presidents, the current one is at the level of a child, with his speech patterns. I wish I were its hero. I thoroughly disliked the book all through this section, because I thought this was the book; I didn’t catch the signs that Caspary was in on the joke.

As he learns more about Laura, Mark — not lqura most sentimental of men — begins to vea in love with her memory.

Lindsay rated it liked it Mar 05, The storm was coming closer”, and indeed, what a storm it then is. And at night she came home lura this cell.

Laura (Stage Play)

When he says that “Yesterday’s disapproval had melted like an ice cube surprised by a shower of hot coffee,” I don’t know whether I’m laughing at or with her. He has recently recovered from being shot, and so not only is he gaining a reputation for being smart and creative, but he has also proven his metal as well.

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The literature of murder investigation bores me as profoundly as its practice irritated McPherson. Laura by Vera Caspary. Laura is made up of five parts, four parts are first person narrative and one part is Another slow start to a book and this time it was because I had made assumptions wrong as it turned out about the author Vera Caspary.

I have watched the movie Laura so many times that even my absent-minded mother has begun to object. In addition to the cas;ary, Caspary co-wrote a play version of Laura in I highly recommend it to any murder fans.

Still, I totally enjoyed reading this. Laura, based on the novel by Vera Caspary Laura is a fascinating thriller, but also a very good, complex love story. The story is narrated succesively by each of the main characters, offering us clues in the manner they describe the victim and their relationship with her view spoiler [ later Laura Hunt herself takes up the narrative giving us her own take on the drama and on her motivations hide spoiler ]. Preminger famously called Caspary’s Laura “a nonentity with no sex.

The story is clever, and Laura a creatively presented femme fatale of sorts. We get glimpses of her from a few different perspectives and it is interesting to try and figure out what is false and what is real.

You get the inner workings of the four main characters. Caspary is equally adept in avoiding the clyches of detective fiction, making Laura more than a femme fatale and Mark something other than a classic gumshoe.

I know these people, their voices ring in my ears, and I need only close my eyes and see characteristic gestures. Because Kienie gave it five stars, and it was written by a woman, and it might be as smart not the right word? Oct 04, Jaksen rated it really liked it. This classic mystery-romance is sometimes overshadowed by the magnificent film it spawned a couple of years later, starring Dana Andrews cspary Gene Tierney.


In trying to learn about Laura and her circles, McPherson relies a lot on Lydecker, and they have good fun playing their parts — the cultured, refined prig and the rough-at-the-edges cop who is, of course, more cultured and observant than he wants to let on.

We take away the sordid fatalism, and we get tea?

I’m told cadpary movie made from the book changed some of the plot. Much of this we learn in retrospect, because as the book cawpary, Laura’s housekeeper comes to work one Ccaspary morning, opens the door, and finds Laura lying on the floor, dead from a shotgun blast. Caspary flirted with communism, joining the party under a pseudonym. He was supposed to have dinner with Laura, but she never showed.

Waldo Lydecker opens the novel with an abundance of witty, stinging prose, much as he narrates the opening of the film and soon after relishes in a long flashback explaining his relationship with Laura to Detective Mark McPherson. This page was last edited on 27 Mayat Lakra see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Laurais a detective novel by Vera Caspary. McPherson soon begins to wonder how a smart girl like Laura managed to surround herself with such morally empty people, their arrogance and gutter ethics only veraa by their lack of character. Apr 20, Dorcas rated it liked it Shelves: I fancy myself a pensive figure drawn, without conscious will, into a love that was born of violence and destined for tragedy. In the process he falls in love with a dead woman.

Paretsky and Warshawski transformed the role of women in contemporary crime fiction. Above all this, however, Caspary paints a picture of Laura that allows us to understand how McPherson has fallen in love with a dead girl, because we have also.

Casapry could not have been more different than these people, her inner beauty inspiring loyalty in her working-class maid, Bessie. The character Laura is very much the antithesis of Bedelia.