formed from the respective gases on absorption in water (Lipiec and Szmal,. ). Carbon monoxide was detected by a standard method using Drager’s. Lipiec and Szmal, T. Lipiec, Z. SzmalChemia Supniewski, J. SupniewskiPreparatyka Nieorganiczna Roczniki Chemii, 5 (), pp. . [21] T. Lipiec and Z. S. Szmal, Chemia analityczna z elementami analizy [23] G. Charlot, Analiza nieorganiczna jakościowa (Qualitative.

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The concept of spinorbital.

C7 Acquainting students with technologies such as grate incineration, bed processing, sequence process: Paracetamol — quantitative and qualitative analyzes of one biologically active ingredient drug. Nature has generated such substances for millennia — before modern synthetic chemistry.

Popper, Wiedza obiektywna, Warszawa ; [48] J. Knowledge of general chemistry range of knowledge covering lecture General Chemistry. Miller, Method Validation in Pharmaceutical Analysis. Characteristic reactions of III group cations: Lec11 Solvent and substrate engineering. Characteristic reactions of II group cations: The 17 crystallographic space groups of two-dimensional lattices.


lipiec szmal chemia nieorganiczna pdf chomikuj szukaj

Preparing the orthogonal projections of the 17 plane groups. Gaus, Chemia nieorganiczna — podstawy, Wyd.

Vectors and matrices in crystallography. The derivation of Hartree-Fock equations. Fathi Habashi, Principles of Extractive Metallurgy. Significance tests and confidence intervals based on Student distribution. Calculations of molecular interactions.

Principles and Techniques, http: Calculating sampling distributions and their parameters. Advantages and limitations of Lec6 catalytic biotransformations.

1 Advanced methods of identification of organic compounds

The synthesis of heterocyclic compounds on a solid support. Lec 2 Bertrand diagram. Fuger, The chemistry of actinides and transactinides elements, Springer, Characteristics of major components of intermolecular interaction components.

Final test – 30 pts. The repetition of the material and the first colloquium Second colloquium Total hours 77 Number of hours 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 15 Form of classes – laboratory Health and Safety Training. Lec 13 Vanadium complexes for diabetes treatment replacement of insulin injections, insulin mimetics. Structure and function of linkers and spacers. Schlick, Molecular modeling and simulation, Springer, Kinetics of isomerization reactions. Teoria i praktyka, pod red. Familiarization students with unit operations of metallurgical processes Acquainting students with theory of metallurgical processes Familiarization students with technological processes that are use for production of Fe, Cu, Pb, Zn Familiarization students with environmental aspects of pyrometallurgy Teaching students a practical performing of unit processes of pyrometallurgy in laboratory scale together with chemical analysis of selected products of process.


Chelate and macrocyclic effects. The foundations of quantum mechanics. Separation and identification of III group cations. Deepening the ability to create a written document presenting the current state of knowledge and their own achievements in the field of thesis topic.