What is a Teaching of Survival? The shortest answer to that question would be that it is a series of books written by Dr. Luule Viilma. These books are focused on. Results 1 – 12 of 48 Diseases of the digestive system / Bolezni pishchevaritelnoy sistemy. by Viilma Luule. Currently unavailable. Luule Viilma. K likes. Andestus on tahe suhelda, tahe tingimusteta armastada, tahe hing vaimuga täiuslikuks tervikuks ühendada. Andestus on hingepuhtus.

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Luule believes that everyone can be the best doctors to themselves by forgiving to the stresses that cause the illnesses and giving the energy of love to ourselves and to the infected body.

This is the biggest thing, so many people have tried writing down things they are thankful almost every day and they all say it had a huge impact on their lives. D Let me just quickly explain how to let go in Luule Viilma style and then continue on this topic another time. Although by the end of she mentioned in the private conversation that she has achieved everything she needed, it was the most difficult time for her.

About Luule Viilma

That is a fact. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If you are worried about something you can write: How to change negative core beliefs.

I have had my on and off periods, but I can say from my own experience, that if done correctly and from your heart, it does miracles! Trivia About A Teaching of Sur I forgive myself for keeping this fear inside of me and hurting myself and others with that. A teacher and a healer. When I was angry with my husband I forgave him and let go, cause anger only causes harm. If we get rid of the illness with medicine, or operation then it will come back as something else until we learn the lesson and let go of the stress tied to it.

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Have a great day and show some love to the men in your life: Her books totally changed how I see men, it viilm me to understand them and I healed my relationship with my father.

Ordering the book in English language – Luule Viilma Ellujäämise Õpetus

I agree, I am one of these people! I ask forgiveness from everyone I have hurt with my Fear of not being loved, I did not mean to hurt you.

If you feel bad, then you have a problem. Love, forgiveness, letting go are the keywords. But the truth is, they are just playing a part to show you where you need to learn. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. As you can see there are lot of small things to be thankful for. I wrote about Luule and her teachings a couple of weeks ago Luule Viilma: Hi darlings, today I have a different topic for a change.

Maybe your mother always told you, vlilma men are nothing but stupid drunks, that stuck with you subconsciously and now he came to teach you a lesson. I am currently trying to work on some issues,I am healing myself and why not share some things with you.

Using some rare cases where the situation of the patient worsened after meeting with Luule Viilma, the doctors publicly luuel her methods to be ineffective vilma even worse — dangerous. But they only create us problems if we hold on to them, if we hold on then these stresses on us keep growing until there is a disease, illness.


How would you feel in your bodys place? I need to get back to that level: Mainly from the side of the official medicine. Feel the happyness for the blessing of meeting a likeminded person. I think I threw away one, cause there was no important events or memories, just a lot of negativity. Kadi rated it really liked it Mar 06, Feel free to leave this page, there is no point in judging. Fortunately I got out of this vicious circle and it was a life changer. What are Core Beliefs?

Angi rated it it was amazing May 17, Ask your body to forgive you, say how sorry you are — sincerely!

Then say it again! Open Preview See a Problem? Dear Body please forgive me vkilma holding on to Self Negativity and hurting you with it, I love you. Whenever you feel pain or discomfort in a part of your body, as a first thing send it Love, say I Love You to that body part as many times as you need and see giilma warm and tingly it starts to feel. Viivika rated it liked it Feb 24,