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Please select the type which you want. Product name Manufacture Unit price Quantity Subtotal. Current monitoring chip Digital potentiometer Digital to analog conversion Analog to digital conversion Electric meter Analog switch Analog chip. LCD liquid crystal display module Patch. Photoelectric controlled silicon LED digital tube.


Polyester capacitor Solid electrolytic capacitor In-line ceramic capacitors Chip electrolytic capacitors tantalum capacitors High voltage capacitor Chip capacitor Adjustable capacitor Correction capacitor In m430f1449 electrolytic capacitor Safety Capacitance In monolithic capacitor CBB capacitor. Infrared sensor Sensor Ambient light sensor Acceleration sensor Temperature sensor Touch chip Temperature and humidity sensor Image sensor Color sensor. The power adapter Battery boxbattery holder Battery.

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High quality low price is our commitment. Of course, it is not ruled out that distributors who may have a number of manufacturers or have an opaque discount on the manufacturer have the advantage over some of our products.

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