ON 10 December , Professor Malcolm Bolton of the. University of Cambridge Rankine Lecture was made in London on 12 March that whenever the. Malcolm David Bolton (born ) is a British soil mechanics engineer and professor of In , he was invited to deliver the prestigious 52nd Rankine Lecture, titled “Performance-based design in geotechnical engineering”. In he. 52nd Rankine Lecture, Prof Malcolm Bolton on “Performance-based design in geotechnical engineering” Lecture Theatre, Imperial College.

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In even-numbered years the lecturer is from the UK, and in odd-numbered years from overseas. For the first time this year the talk had a live web cast and had the largest audience ever for this Lecture. This lecture will argue that an assessment of geotechnical performance must involve ground displacements, and that the traditional approach of specifying safety factors is potentially wasteful.

In particular, the Limit State Design LSD approach adopted in the Eurocodes will be shown to lack objectivity and therefore to be inadequate to the needs of clients and society at large.


Improvements will be proposed lecrure the adoption of Mobilizeable Strength Design MSD principles in which the designer explicitly considers the stress-strain behaviour of the ground.

Central to the MSD approach will be an assessment of the possible deformability and strength of the soil that lies within the anticipated deformation mechanism of the proposed geo-structure. Displacements are then calculated by applying the principle of conservation of energy to the deformation mechanism.

Malcolm D. Bolton – Wikipedia

This leaves the designer with an implicit assessment of deformations before any other checks which might later be made by Finite Element Analysis FEAand ensures that the intended design performance can always be checked by monitoring during construction.

Examples of the application of MSD will include earth retaining structures, slopes and foundations. Please click here to watch the Rankine Lecture online available in two parts.

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International students Continuing education Executive and professional education Courses in education. Professor M D Bolton gives 52nd Rankine lecture.

52nd Rankine Lecture

The abstract for the talk is as follows: Contact us Information provided by: Study at Cambridge Undergraduate Graduate International students Continuing education Executive and professional education Courses in education. About research at Cambridge.

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